2 Poems by Antonia Wang : “Waterfalls”& “Absence”

(c) Antonia Wang from Amicalola Falls, GA

I went chasing waterfalls
Down your spine
Of steep sighs and slithery obsidian.
I lost my bearings
At your narrow crest
And a choir of voices 
Muffled my fall.
I prayed for mercy upon your sacrum
Of wish and bone.
But my gods couldn’t make my words
Over roaring water.
I drowned at your base,
Of sand and stone.


I watch and hurt,
But yours is not my story to tell—
Where you go in that blank chariot,
Seizing seconds before they melt.
Someday, when youth becomes
A threshold of forlorn hours,
And the river gorge cascades,
You’ll know I was present for your absence,
And that I hid it well.

Bio from Antonia’s Amazon bio

Antonia Wang is a foodie, poet, yogi, and nature enthusiast from the Dominican Republic.

Her signature lyrical style is layered and symbolic, appealing to a universal essence. She has written four poetry collections: Love Bites, In the Posh Cocoon, Retrospectiva 2020, and Hindsight 2020. Her poetry has been featured by various online outlets and published in the following anthologies: VSS365 Anthology (2019), and Midnight with Words: Late Night Conversations in Poetry (2021)

Antonia is an avid reader of poetry, philosophy, and all sorts of fiction. She lives with her family (and cat) in the United States.

biteslove.com (poetry)
biteslife.com (recipes)
Twitter: @tuttysan

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