You Are a Fading Bruise Empire by David L O’Nan

You are a fading bruise empire

Fading slowly

You were once a hematoma

Resting in subcutaneous tissue

Skin blinded into disease

love bound by the control.

Words that hurt, that burn the heart like a cattle prod.

She was made to love, and all she gave you were insults, lesions covering the beauty of your mind.

Social hidings, the mysteries of trusting.

You had guilt, shame, ghosts of self

Form like an empire across your starving heart.

One kiss from the sin of black magic

Leads from one control in one hand into the switch of another mastermind.

Casting the rainbow of colours over your lost hope.

You peaked into your reflection

In those waters you were always frightened by.

Instead of seeing the glass floating in dark shadows, leaving the stamp of tension.

You now owned the freedom of bleeding, crying,

the emotions of being human.

Monsters fade back to stems

Oh, to see a fading of corruptive bruises….

Such a beautiful, natural high to breathe the oxygen of your own reborn Empire.

And support is there in the crystals of light

that never blandished to the cult of bruising

Image artist Unknown at this time.

Poetry: Poetic Imperfection, Dark, No Rain by Abuh Monday Eneojo


I see. I am not the one who

Muzzled in guilt, prides the keen kindred spirited soul.

Put me to death if you can but this voodoo

Eventually will suffice like the clouds and prowl.

Rev quickly this confused con of a core that

Feeds repeatedly for eternity for

Even the lines I pen, I fear are but a weltering boat

Crossing the rickety ridden plane of Adam’s fore.

Tell him! Tell him! That this

Is a product of mans first gift

On an isle that made him ill;

Nothingness filled with meaning.


I never waited for it

Capering, I donned anxiety

Just so I can behold a beautiful zenith.

Though sublimed by the mind

I gaze until it blinks and nudge me a smile.

I am the master of this beautiful zenith;

It makes beautiful ugly things

Look! Even this scraggy scoria of a tree

Which was wrinkled now bask in glory.

Who said darkness was dark?

Who said devil’s own aura is evil?

Come! This light-darkened view on my mental canvass

Will be an icicle that will chill

thy besmoked tower to my ness.


Bring the unfortunate ones, fortune

Under the adder of a serpent

Hallowed in a cave of light hearts;

Anchored with a weightless ship which

Revels howling seas

In spite screams of finless sharks

Abuh Monday Eneojo is a poet, author, trumpeter, Voice over artist and an on air personality at a campus radio in Kogi State, Nigeria. He also is an ardent lover of nature whose work revolves around the nature of things. His first publication, The World Within, was published September, 2018. He also loves the acrostic form of poetry. You can contact him on Facebook @Abuh Monday Eneojo, Twitter@MondayDpoet and LinkedIn@Monday Abuh or via email:


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Poetry by Jesse Falodun from FOTM Issue 2 Fallen Angels, I Hear Silence, Almanjiri


Characterized by corrupt affairs

Brave minded individuals eating deep into our fears

It might not be hard if they are all in parts

Investing evil deeds expecting in invested shares

Everything hikes up above Kilimanjaro

Names of detriment, now pride, a rich man is now Barawo

It’s all mixed up, the good, bad and ugly, the masses are the Jango

Masses pray to God for a deliverer, evil ones offer thanks to Sango

Architect of our own misfortune

They play the drums; we sing & dance to the tune.

Then we accuse them of being evil,

but we fail to realize that each time we look in the mirror

we actually see the devil

We deny the part we play in all this

Ones we are at the top, we forget heavenly bliss

And want to be as occupied and hot as hell

They pay us to actualize their thoughts and never tell

Yet we accuse angel past of leaving the Host

But we fail daily when we abuse our post.

They make sure there is a yearly crisis

Fuel pumps up and fuel pumps change prices

We forget that at earlier times we had plans

To be the one to rescue man, from hunger pangs

Our innocent thoughts conquer lands

But now our emotions are left in the lost but founds

We bury the pity we feel within

We want to travel abroad and visit Sweden

Our pity drops, our self-mind falls like Ikogosi

Warm leaves, cold sets in and then we change policy

Yet we blame angels that fell

But how well have we faired

Do we still post our emotions on Black Market for sell?

Or we want to search for a grey area in an Old Man’s beard

Enough of what I call metaphors

The tear in my heart actually pours

Are we not still fallen like angels?

Who left that throne and came to earth like the scripture tells

Are we still standing on our feet?

or blaming angels for falling to defeat.



Sitting in this noisy Oblivion

Slow and Steady I wonder if the music is Celine Dion

Overridden by my emotions

Wondering at God’s amazing creations

It’s all silent but I still hear crickets

Sagging trousers, timbers, suite or a waist Jackets

Looking outside where I stand in the open

Shooting stars don’t actualize glory that have fallen

I have a confused mind well arranged

Scattered thoughts that can actually be managed

Amazing grace, sweet sounds but all is still silent

The warfare in my mind, so much blood, but not violent.

I discover that there is no proper alignment

Many questions pop in my mind, I only feel one

The answers to it is the question I ask from time to time

How did Babel intend to reach God with just a tower?

The oblivion in my mind that is sucking power

As noisy as it seems I still hear Silence

Call me opposite minded, but I am present in my absence .




I am the object of Ridicule

In an area were wealth is at its pinnacle

I am what they want to call me

I come in little sizes, there is hardly any tall me

I am the test lab of Cholera

I eat what you don’t want, Typhoid Malaria

Do I really have a choice?

After all you feed me because of the weakness in my voice

I do not even have to worry about excess Calorie

Because I am Almanjiri

I am free bonus for ritualist

Excuse for religious optimist

I am tug of war, for political fanatics

And to keep my stand with God, I might end up a Jihadist

I roam around longer than your network

Emptiness is how I live, Ignorance is my net worth

I enjoy the looks of pity

As I invade traffics in the big City

And when someone is nice beyond pretty

It automatically means something is fishy

Nature and good luck are the ones who pay me salary

After all I am just Almanjiri

I am the Irony of my name

A student who knows nothing but the cane

But you see I learn a lot

I learn about how humans can hurt

At times I am unable to reach were I call home

So, I sleep anywhere cement can feel like foam

Who cares if I am sexually assaulted?

By men through whom God’s divine order has been insulted.

They creep into me in my nights

Offering me nice bites

They come back in their flashy cars

And creep unto my cement bed and commit alters.

But who cares about my secret injuries

After all I am Almanjiri

I am a debate in government houses

But of course they are the greater forces

How would they feed their God’s?

Who will they give their Guns?

To who’s behind will they shove their secret scepters?

On whose blood will they build houses in hectares?

Don’t get me wrong

Not all sound the evil gong

But still not all sing redemption songs

Some just come to send and give us knocks

I am supposed to be a student, if I am not wrong?

Well, welcome to the school of hard knocks, I have survived these long

Sorry! Not in life but in history

Because I have an attachment of religious chemistry

I know nothing of the Hail Mary

But I was taught to hate, moreover I am Almanjiri.

BIO: Jesse Falodun was born in the ancient city of Kano in a family of five. He is a

graduate of Mass Communication department, Kogi State University, Nigeria. An

on air personality at Fusion Fm. A poet, spoken word artist and writer. He has

written several poems and recorded 5 spoken word piece. He is a motivational

speaker, song writer and producer. He has produced and directed several Radio

Dramas one of which is “Unity Square’’ on Fusion Fm 91.7 fm. He is currently

working on publishing his first book titled MAROON WATERS.

An Interview with Brett Siler of Rebore Records in Fevers of the Mind Poetry Digest Issue 2

Q1: When did you first learn that you had a love, niche for music? What was your first favorite style of music (NKOTB obviously)? When did you get your first guitar?

“For niche music I would say when I became a teenager. I got into BMX and would buy BMX videos and the soundtracks to them would be a lot underground music, mostly punk rock. I just went down the rabbit hole from there. I made friends in with people in high school that also liked punk and we started going to pretty much any local show we could; most of which consisted of punk, hardcore and metal. I later got into lots of other styles of music but that was where it began. My first favorite style of music when I was a little kid was probably classical. I loved Tchaikovsky, particularly Swan Lake and The Nutcracker. As a teenage when I would say punk rock had a life altering impact, particularly Black Flag. I got my first guitar when I was in 3rd grade but I didn’t really have to focus you need to learn an instrument then (what 3rd grader does?). I’d much rather play with Ninja Turtles at that age. I later started playing guitar more obsessively at 13.

Q2: What made you lean towards learning production, engineering side of music? Was it out of necessity, or did you study/learn from others?
initially when I was a young teenager I just wanted to record my own music. I recorded my first bands album on a cassette tape answering machine. I later got a cassette 4 track as a teenager which I recorded the Sludgephone album on (Rebore’s first release). When I was 18 I had the classic ultimatum of going college or get kicked out. A nearby college had Audio Engineering as a major. That sounded less scary than being homeless. So I went school for that. I used the loan money to buy recording equipment. I also figured if I was charging money to record people I should get good at it so I started obsessively studying it. Recording my own band for free was also a big motivation.. I mostly learned from just doing it first hand, and reading books and internet forums; more so than college. I eventually dropped out of college and just pursued recording on my own. So It was a little of both out of necessity and learning from others, and just trial and error.

Q3: I have most of the Stationary Odyssey stuff, and fascinated by the strange visuals in the videos. Who came up with the strange visuals such as Zombie-Santas and such in the video “My Baby is Black”

I believe that was our friend Shawn Knight’s idea. He in an amazing band called Child Bite (as well as a few other rad projects coming out). He also released the very first Stationary Odyssey album on a label he ran called Boy Arm Records. Super talented dude!

Q4: Tell me about Rebore Records. When did you first establish the label. Discuss some of the artists who have recorded under your label. I guess this isn’t much of a question, as it is giving you the soapbox on your label

Rebore Records was established in December of 2013. I was doing a similar thing called Dyspepsidisc with Aaron Tanner previously but that dissolved and I started Rebore up with my buddy Nick Schenk. It’s a home for my friends and my recordings. Luckily my friends are super talented! There’s no real theme genre wise for the label. I trust and respect my friends as people and artists. I just want to help them and be supportive.

Q5: I know you have also done some acting in movies, have you explored doing more acting, or do you see yourself as more of a musician than an actor? What do you enjoy doing more

That all came about after befriending Mitch Massie. We had similar taste in movies (both of our favorite movie is Gummo) and he was very supportive of my bands I was in at the time of meeting him, Gratis and Stationary Odyssey. He asked if I want to be in a movie he was making called The Anathema Report (the soundtrack is released on Rebore and is one of my favorite releases on there). That started a 10 year relationship of acting in 3 full length movies and somewhere around 60 music videos he made! He is extremely talented and hope to work more with him. Plus, he is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. I worked on a few other peoples things here and there but 95%
has been with Mitch. I’ll be in something my friend Zach Zint is making starting this weekend. I mostly see myself as a musician, but I do think I started getting good at acting after doing so many videos. As far as what I enjoy more…I just enjoy creating in general and being apart of things that I cool so I enjoy both.

Q6: I know you are more into the music side of songs & musicians. I know that you are a big punk, metal, alternative rock fan. However, being this is also a Poetry & Art Magazine, what are some of your favorite lyricists or lyrics? Is any Fugazi related?

Fugazi has amazing lyrics! I think Tom Waits is a great lyricist. Dennis Lyxzen lyrics off of Refused “Shape of Punk to Come” are excellent. Jello Biafra’s work in Dead Kennedy’s and LARD. Dimtri Minakais and Ben Weinman’s lyrics on Dillinger Escape Plan’s “Calculating Infinity”. I’ll give examples of lines that I really like by each artist. Fugazi: “You hear something outside? It sounds like a gun Stay away from that window, boy It’s not anyone that we know Only about ourselves and What we read in the paper Don’t you know ink washes out Easier than blood?”

Tom Waits “T’aint no sin to take off your skin and dance around in your bones” (William S Burroughs song that song, not sure if he wrote those lyrics or if Tom Waits did.. Burroughs rules)

Refused: “I got a bone to pick with capitalism and a few to break Grab us by the throat and shake the life away Human life is not commodity, figures, statistics or make believe”

The Locust “Is this the dumpster of your dreams?”

Jello Biafra “Peeling back the foreskin of liberty”

Dillinger Escape Plan “Alfresco slapsticked Foam mouth sunshine”
Q7: How do we get out of Evansville? Let me word this differently. Evansville, Indiana hasn’t always been known to have a huge art, music & poetry scene. What can small cities such as Evansville do to be more proactive in creating opportunities for bands, poets, art in whole? It always seems once we have a decent venue for music or poetry then it disappears rather quickly.

That is a big and hard question. I think one thing that is stacked against Evansville and cities like it is, it is economically depressed. Most people here don’t have very much money and are usually working some shit job. Music and art programs are usually the first to be stripped from schools, so there isn’t much education on music, art, poetry; so, there are going to be less people interested in it. Evansville is also very isolated. Culturally there isn’t much emphasis on being creative. It’s mostly focused family, Christianity, work. The reason a venue disappears rather quickly is because it gets crushed by the economic realities, we all have to deal with. I think without the material infrastructure to cover even just basic needs it is very difficult for there to be a sustained art scene.

Q8: Tell me about Plasticizer. How did this idea come up? Was it to see how fast you can bang out a good song? Plasticizer came up because all the bands I were in ended. I just started writing music own my own under that name. I was trying to impose a short time frame to finish a song at first just so I didn’t sit on the project forever. I hit a huge wall with that band because of a string of severe bad luck pretty much put everything to a halt. I was evicted out of my studio and living space then quickly moved into a place that caught fire and destroyed everything I own. I’ve spent the last three years working so I can get back to creating again. It’s been very hard. I hope to be able to get back to it very soon.

Q9: Everyone should listen to the Halloween Special from Rebore Records. Tell people how you can order music, your website, social medias, all the Brett Siler and Rebore Records people need to know. I agree everyone should listen to it! You can currently order our music from , we are also the bigger social media site, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube Even better is if you sign up to our email list!!

Q10: Are there any big projects you are currently working on, or just completed? Is there any colleague’s work you would like to promote? I’m currently working on finishing up a movie score that I am very happy with so far! Should be done with that very soon. After that I would mostly like to focus on Plasticizer,but I have a million side projects sitting on my hard drive, that I’ve collaborated with friends. Also have some albums from older bands I was in that are finally going to be released!

Q11: Talk about the music they play late in the Meijer. I know you have strong opinions on the Shania Twain, Edwin McCain, some current goof pop, or maybe out of nowhere you’ll hear that strange Benny Mardones song. Why is there no “My War” by Black Flag?

HA! One of the funniest/cringier song I heard there was some Reel Big Fish. I feel like people would get to amped hearing My War and trash the store and steal all the groceries.

Q12: Any writing contribution for this edition? Perhaps your own Canterbury Tale or such? *crickets chirping* I’m gonna write the Nu Bible



Finale (c) JDG in Fevers of the Mind Poetry Digest Issue 2



When a friend vacuums up the pills off the floor

From a death by suicide

While unceasing tears flow

From faces you barely remember

When a stranger who claims she’s your mom asks

If you’re okay

And you choke on vomit while you hold a dead man’s hand

Don’t come in here if you’re going to cry, the little boy says.

But there are no words loud enough

to drown out the voice of a 6 year old girl

asking why her dad is white

when he is supposed to be brown.

He’s white because he’s dead, honey.

My sadness is a lipstick stain –

use the right trick and it’ll come right out.

But you’ll always see the little mark it left

And maybe wonder how it got there.

BIO: JDG is a queer, fledgling poet from Canada. She owns and operates 3 Moon Independent Publishing. She has been writing poetry for many years and minored in English in university. You can follow her projects on twitter, insta or facebook by following 3 Moon Independent Publishing. (@3moonpublishing). JDG has work that has appeared in publications for Ayaskala and Burning House Press.