The Poets of 2021 Must Read Poetry, Prose, Sonnets, Stories & More 61-150 for Fevers of the Mind

Thunderstorm, Ocean, Lightning, Twilight

61. Kushal Poddar

62. Lynn Valentine: Poetry Showcase

63. Marisa Silva-Dunbar Poetry Showcase

64. Anisha Kaul:

65. Ron Sexsmith: Interview

66. David L O’Nan : 41st Birthday Poetry Dump

67. Z.R. Ghani: House on a Tightrope

68. Linda M. Crate

69. Stephen Allen

70. HilLesha O’Nan:

71. Bruce McRae

72. 6 poems from Elisabeth Horan

73. 3 poems by Maxine Rose Munro : “This, my most honest of poems”, “Babel”, & “On a hillside,”

74. Antonia Wang

75. Pasithea Chan:

76. David L O’Nan: Heartbreak by the Seashore (Audrey Hepburn Challenge)

77. Barney Ashton-Bullock: Blizzed

78. Lisa Mary Armstrong

79. Elizabeth Castillo:

80. An interview with Michelle marie JacQuot

81. Marie Little:

82. Gerry Stewart: Poetry Showcase

83. Roger Hare:

84. Jennifer Patino: Trauma Letters Anthology

85. Adrian Ernesto Cepeda: Before I Turn Into Gold Anthology Poems

86. 5 Poems inspired by Leonard Cohen by Robert Frede Kenter

87.A Fevers of the Mind Quick-9 Interview with M.S. Evans

88. Interview with comedian Murray Valeriano

89. Poetry Showcase for John Chinaka Onyeche

90. Sadie Maskery:

91. 2 poems by Charles K. Carter : Sunflower Meditations & Birthright from Fevers of the Mind 5 Overcome Anthology

92. IceFloe Press Links

93. Arachnida Sonnets by Paul Brookes

94. Quick-9 Interview with Khalisa Rae

95. Shiksha Dheda:

96. Quick-9 Interview with Lannie Stabile

97. Quick-9 Interview with Joe Kidd

98. Quick-9 Interview with Lucy Holme-Roberts

99. Quick-9 Interview with Susan Richardson

100. Quick-9 Interview with Lynne Schmidt

101. Quick-9 Interview with Isabelle Kenyon

102. Andre F. Peltier

103. Pasithea Chan:

104. Nina Parmenter: 5 Poems from Nina Parmenter ” The Twist”,”Bright Future”, “Strings” “Stargazing in a time of Plague” “Where Tears Are”

105. Ceinwed E Cariad Haydon

106. Robin McNamara

107. A.R. Salandy:

108. Peach Delphine:

109. David L O’Nan

110. Katrina Kaye:

111. Paul Brookes:

112. Chris L. Butler

113. Shiksha Dheda:

114. Samantha Terrell:

115. Coby Daniels:

116. An interview with James Diaz of Anti-Heroin Chic Magazine

117. Avalanches in Poetry 2 entry: Poetry by Lisa Alletson

118. Charlotte Oliver

119. Kerry Darbishire

120. Samantha Merz

121. Ryan Quinn Flanagan: Poetry Showcase

122. Keith Suddrey

123. David L O’Nan: The Pheromone Room

124. for Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

125. staci-lee Sherwood

126. Jeremy Limn:

127. Charlotte Hamrick

128. Donna Dallas

129. K Asare Bediako

130. Rose Knapp

131. Doryn Herbst:

132. Elizabeth Barton Poetry Showcase

133. Claire Hughes:

134. Andrea Lambert: Trauma Letters Anthology

135. Karol Nielsen

136. B F Jones:

137. Stephen J Golds

138. James Lilley Quick-9 Interview




142. Sarika Jaswani:

143. Devika Mathur

144. Ryan Flett:

145. R.D. Johnson

146. Lorna Wood

147. Katy Naylor:

148. Damien Donnelly:

149. 3 moving poems by Martins Deep :I’m beautiful when it rains, a poem in which a boy’s name is written in invisible ink, a dreamscape dialogue

150. Quick-9 Interview with Courtenay S. Gray

By davidlonan1

David writes poetry, short stories, and writings that'll make you think or laugh, provoking you to examine images in your mind. To submit poetry, photography, art, please send to Twitter: @davidLOnan1 + @feversof Facebook: DavidLONan1

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