2 small poems by E.M. Foster


I am I,
And there is nothing less. 
In the distance, 
Mathematicians scream. 

Experiencing Metaphysical Reality on a Thursday Night

I once saw Aristotle 
Ascending the billowing folds
Of the cumulonimbus, 
Both draped in creamsicle orange
And pristine sulfur yellow,
Immersed in Southern sunshine,
But when I grabbed a ladder
And set it against the heavens
For him to get down safely
And maybe catch a bus,
He leaned down and asked
“But do you know why?”

Bio: E. M. Foster (also known as Emma Foster) is a writer and poet from Florida. Her work appears in Aurora Journal, Sledgehammer Lit, Antiheroin Chic, Your Daily Poem, and others. Her microchap Isosceles Triangles (2021) was published by Origami Poems Project. You can find more of her writing and other posts at https://fosteryourwriting.com/

Poetry: Hinterland by Jeremy Limn

from pixabay


Unkept the path is, immutable magnolias
Do not vanish in your sight
the spring filled light forbodes
your every delight, ruinous
and dark despairing for a kiss
you crumble in form unshaped
by the curvature of forgotten streams
in the Hinterland we seek
atonement for our whims
We walk in solace by the sea-stone
Song of sandstone pillars
And titanium rainstorms
That beautify our struggle
In this Hinterland of Wales 
We will take love as it
Is thrusted upon us. 

Bio: Jeremy Limn is a 28-year-old poet who has published three books of poetry, Raining Poems, The Auguries of Lost Lilacs, and The Roses Forget You, his work also appeared in the 2016 July Issue of Infernal Ink Magazine, and the Yearbook for the University of Tasmania 2015, and published twice with Vext Magazine, The Ernest Becker Foundation.

 The Doorway to San Francisco by Jeremy Limn (inspired by Kerouac)

Poetry Showcase from Wolfpack Contributor Kate Garrett

One sip of saltwine

Soak the night-bloom petals in blood, drop 
them in the water – watch the waves froth 

sunset pink. The tide determines the strength
of your resolve. Cup your hands around

the ocean, rinse the years-old bonfire smudge 
from your mouth; salvage the flotsam and jetsam 

washed up around you. This is how pain set free
swims toward the horizon – with the silvergold 

of pulling shark teeth out of silt, balm on the bite
marks that punctured your faded tattoo.


Summer is a climb, a pilgrimage of gold
and green, and in these honey blossoms
is your goddess gift of well-earned rest
before the amble down to mulch and snow.

Woodbine twines around my ankles and knees
while infinite harvested sunbeams quiver
in the grass, hug the soles of feet aching
with a week of unknown sorrow, legs heavy

from sparring with the devil’s kin. Brushing 
dirt from my hands I hear a whisper of ‘this 
too shall pass’ – my grandmother’s wisdom 
like a warm hand at the base of my neck.

Delia Derbyshire teaches music in the next life

He is a sequence repeating now:
a recording on the atmosphere.
This impression of life, somewhere

a sound—a credit to her. He would
not recognise her in all he made
of his time here. Her name never

crossed his lips but hung over
his art. I am not a credit to him.
Alone. I will not let him follow

me; he has not been where I am.
She shows him waves and where
to place his hands in a synapse

without harm. How to round out
his emptiness into a crystal ball
and find the boy he lost inside it.

*One Sip of Saltwine & Revival are from Kate's book A View from the Phantasmagoria originally.  "Delia Derbyshire teaches music in the next life is from Kate's book Sunward/Moonwise*

Wolfpack Contributor: Kate Garrett

Wolfpack Contributor: Kate Garrett

Kate Garrett is a writer with witchy ways and a significant folklore, history, and horror obsession. Her work is widely published online and in print. Her most recent books are the historical, time-hopping verse novella Hart & Ha’penny (TwistiT Press, March 2021) and the full-length poetry collection Sunward/Moonwise (Impspired, June 2021). Born and raised in rural southern Ohio, USA, Kate moved to the UK in 1999, where she still lives now – in Shropshire with her husband, five children, and an assortment of land and water creatures. Find her on Instagram @thefolklorefaery, Twitter @folklore_faery, and her website www.kategarrettwrites.co.uk

Poetry: A Shadow by Sarika Jaswani

(unsplash image by Steinar Engeland)

A Shadow

Neither in swamp of clouds 
    or snarl of torrents

Nor in overbearing sky
    or unassuming land

And not in hail of the sun
    or blaze of dovelike rain

A song that silences sing
      Colors that paleness holds to bring

Like a shadow under a fallen leaf
I lay soft, as an unanswered prayer

There till I'm blown invisible
as whispers to the consonant winds

Wolfpack Contributor: Sarika Jaswani

5 poems by Sarika Jaswani

2 poems by Sarika Jaswani /ArtInCrochet
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