Avalanches in Poetry entry from Janet Beekman : My Heart Will Be Heard

My heart will be heard
I can’t keep the love in
Can’t pretend I don’t care
My skin is too thin

My heart will be heard
I know you’ll be comin’
To pick up the pieces
Of the song I was strummin’

For less than a second
I saw clearly your face
Though I knew in my heart
You were gone from this place

My heart will be heard
And our souls will collide
When I enter the gates
Where we’ll forever abide


feature photo by David Mullins on Unsplash.com

New Poetry: Wittenberg by Kieran Wyatt

I don’t believe him
he will uv known girls
in wittenberg
can see them clearly in my head
pearly white teeth
straight too
everything about them is straight
they take
confident strides
about campus
smart as anything
well-read, intelligent
wittenberg girls know what to say
I realise, I haven’t said anything
in a while, so
I tug at Hamlet’s tunic
pull him in for a snog
he keeps his eyes open
I release him
the rest is silence

Kieran Wyatt lives on the Fylde Coast. He is co-chair of GenSex (@GenSexResearch), an interdisciplinary research group, asking probing questions about gender and sexuality. His work has been published by Eunoia Review, The Art of Everyone, Small Leaf Press, and Lothlorien Poetry Journal. He graduated from Edge Hill University in 2018 with a degree in Creative Writing.  

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Poetry: 2:01 A.M. by Angelo Letizia

The price of these memories
Is blood
Red like traffic lights
Refusing to change
Refusing to admit me on the highway
A lonely teacher
With no skin left
Or cells
No teeth
Just information
That his students need
Scooped like tuna fish
Or dirt
It diffuses
As perfume would
Clings to wrists
And necks
Begs to be let in
I pulse in the heart cables
Invisible currents
Surging through flesh
And imagination
Causing questions
I have finally transcended the skull
I have become

Angelo Letizia has been published (or is forthcoming) in a number of literary outlets including Tales from the Moonlit Path, Bewildering Stories, The Atlantean, Sirens Call, Red Planet, AHF Magazine and Bowery Gothic to name a few. I also have two books of poetry forthcoming with Silverbow press The Starry Devil and Other Unwanted Poems (2021) and The Pilgrims of Infinity (2022).

A Hallelujah for a Midnight War by David L O’Nan from Avalanches in Poetry Writings & Art Inspired by Leonard Cohen

I can feel your skin breathing in orbs

Kisses that feel like surgeries

And the money dies off when you are greedy

And step right into a Midnight War

Millions of Judases in the wilderness

The sick and the crimson

In torment

So Petrified

One breath, chokes



In chaos

The hammer smashes in the glass

We, are hidden behind these walls

Combustion in bones

And all to become vapors

In this Midnight War

Where glitter turns to ashes

Break from the chains, a howl


The spectres and the stars

Looking as one

Like in a mirror of night

Forsaken of riches

They loot the diamonds from the heart

And the robbery is simplicity

We feel translucent watching the seas

The Midnight War cripples

And the waves clash together in an




The virgins spin down

With chapped lips

And breeding, hungry eyes

And you are numb to touch

A revolver, an allergy

The flaming of whips to erase your mind

The pearls they fall to the fire

The path is a torrent from fibrous roots –

To the vines of cherries

Angelic songs

Obliterations to my auditory invisibility

In grief, in pain

Praying in puns



So, Midnight Passes

And we are back to 1 a.m.

Time for the blossoms and the honey

Woven into the fabrics of Earth

Tip toes the demons away

White horses begin to gallop

Wildly around the curves

And suddenly your eyelids open

Back to the reds, blues, orange sunlight

And hearses begin to putter

And the gas kills off the energy



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