You Are a Fading Bruise Empire by David L O’Nan -poetry from the Cartoon Diaries

You Are a Fading Bruise Empire

You are a fading bruise empire.
Fading slowly,
You were once a hematoma,
resting in the subcutaneous tissue -
Skin blinded into disease.
Love is bound by control.

Words that hurt, 
that burn the heart like a cattle prod.

She was made to love you, 
and all she gave you were the insults,
lesions covering the beauty of your mind.

Social hidings,
The mysteries of trusting
You had guilt, shame, ghosts of self -
that formed like an empire across your starving heart.

One kiss from the sin of black magic
Leading from one control in one hand 
to switch to the mastermind and their constraint.

Casting the rainbow of colours over your lost hope.
You peek into your reflection,
in those waters that you were always frightened by.

Instead of seeing the glass floating in dark shadows,
leaving the stamp of tension.
You now own the freedom of bleeding, tears,
the emotions of being human.

Monsters fade back to stems

Oh, to see a fading of corruptive bruises...

Such a beautiful, natural high to breathe the oxygen -
of your own reborn Empire.
And support is there in the crystals of light,
that never could blandish in the cult of bruising.

Wolfpack Contributor EIC Bios:  David L O’Nan & HilLesha O’Nan

poem has previously been published in Rhythm & Bone Press offshoot Dark Marrow 

Backyard Barbie Dolls by David L O’Nan – poetry

Backyard Barbie Dolls

Ethereal poses by the backyard Barbie dolls
She wants to join them
They dream unlike her,
a shallow gel over a burning world
They live a different dream
But she,
she wants to join them
Walk with a healthy strut,
red lipstick smear to smut
Pretend you’re never old,
if you want to join them
Suppress your caustic old-fashioned smile
Too crooked you’ll poison your ideal
Inherit the smirk of a dying golden rain
If you want to join them
There is a shelter you dare to seek
A natural beauty left on the brink
Hold your head over a toilet or a sink
Flush your mind into the pipes
if you want to join them
Barbies they want to play
Sucking limousines across the way
They have bleached away another perfect day
Digesting the Cancer
that lives inside them
There is a price tag on the plastic nude
She lays there crippled and rude
Overflowing in suntan oil and booze
Waiting for the eyes to join her

Poem from David L O’Nan : ‘Miles Away from the Las Vegas Eyeball

Miles Away from the Las Vegas Eyeball

Two hundred miles walked
5 more miles I must walk
I will crawl if I need to
To touch the lips of the sunshine
To burn with every tear
I'll collect my thoughts
Hands catching falling stars that leap out of my head -
and spin around in the air
I have kept a secret for far too long
Is it the burn of her skin? (the touch that emits 1,000 songs)
She was ripe
She was flesh
She was beauty
Then was death
She was blinded by the cold winter's chill
She never had the Spring,
but sipped the bitter kill

All the birds sing her name into my ear
They tell me she was the one
The one in which all angels thrust in vocal rendezvous

Now all alone with curses across my heart
There is a hole
They will argue, they will bite
They will hurt, they will spite
They will kick each other down
And give into the fears
They will be a mushroom cloud hanging over the swans

And the miles have yet to be walked
To reach my conclusion
While the blackjack wizards sway the tourists in at midnight
and prostitutes and the gremlin pimps melt in the neon light.

Vegas, your eyeballs are bloodshot
Your aura is criminal while the dice are thrown into debt after debt.
I am a rundown bus riding drifter
Time to hide in my secrets
I never walked one more mile.
and couldn't crawl even when I needed to.

Live in the shame like a crying baby
As a prosecutor sends me to flames.

Poem by David L O’Nan : Bleeding Money Polaroids in the Cartoon Diaries


The prestigious hustling cupids
Slithering and horny in vinyl
Sending civility decades back.
Forgetting Steinem and MLK
While we drive in corvettes
And dress our jugulars in costumed jewelry
We’ll never have
These waterfalls,
They remain pixelated
It is like looking in from the threads of lingerie.
Look at our story,
The gamble
Sifting dirt from diamond prisons
If only we could die young,
Like artists
Wouldn’t have to pull the trigger to old-age pain,
When resting in fear –
Blue mime skinny bones in chairs of wheels.
With weathered pennies in pockets,
And 50-year old Polaroids scattered over grassy loom shag carpet.
Looking at pinpoint blur,
The visions of drunkened alcoholic uncles and other suspicious failed gods,
Making dirty carpet angels over coughed up fibers and oily hairs.
That stick to polyester like solvents of lint.
All the timelines read these pictures.
From all those bordellos and cathedrals.
Zoos with timid monkeys and barnyard elephants
Tigers on Quaaludes and broken neck giraffes
Limping to the tree with a few leaves to feed.
The mind brings back the Psychedelic Summers
To Winter bone blizzards.
Christmas presents in hands to appearing like mugshots,
Appearing like that guy suspicious to the murder of
Dorothy Stratten.
They always built clowns out of the macho,
In those times
Light will blemish us away
Our brains when teased become melting wax.
And we are nothing but the drippings from Pollock.

Poetry Paisleys, et Cetera by David L O’Nan from the Cartoon Diaries

Paisleys, et cetera

From a nest of crows lay a red robin
That we saw develop from an amber to a passion.
A spirit animal that flies free from the misery
Swimming in the sky vertically
From backwards to frontwards,
Curving with ease

In the sunsets of Purple and Pink
From Ice Blue to the Orange Papaya whip
wings threading the needle of the seas
Marveling in Springtime heavens
Only to depress in your cup nest covered by January frost.

Bind your ribbons to an ironclad bend
resting your tarsus in the blanket of snow,
and dream with your culmen,
Drinking in the rewards of the March air,
only shades are left to conquer.

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