3 poems by Coby Daniels: Lost, Contemplation, Broken Mirror

Coby Daniels


I am on a march now
To a place that opens
Upon the vista of Heaven
But I keep losing my way up
Jacob’s ladder
Please help me find the compass
That leads me right to you

For I am lost now
You are Babel
Re-orienting my ability of speech
I speak in different thoughts
And think in different tongues
I never seem to make sense
There is a revival
That has left me understanding
The mysterious language
Of the lost

Those who see without eyes
And only hear with ears closed


I am stuck in conference
With the dark night
Listening to the fireflies
Telling me tales

When the moon fell in love
With stardust

Hangs a veil of fog
Thicker than a slay queen’s lashes
And as heavy as
The beat of a million songs unsung
Marking time inside my head

I want to reach out
And touch the stars
But then I pause

My dreams are in a line of fire

I don’t want to burn to ashes
Pursuing my dreams
So I listen to this tale
The fireflies tell

Much like some long forgotten rhymes

Broken Mirror

Let my reflections
Of once upon a time
Bleed on the shards of a mirror
Now broken

This verse
Should have been
A tale of two cities:
Time and Space

Standing still because;

You became
The only thing in my world
That brought me
From the abyss of forgetfulness

You taught me that
Remembrance is not always a curse
But a beautiful song too

Down memory lane
Have now become incisions
Letting out bad blood

Letting out insanity

You remind me that
Some broken things
Are never meant to be
Made whole again.

(c) Coby Daniels

Bio: Daniel Asamoah Yeboah (a.k.a. : Coby Daniels) is a young Ghanaian poet, novelist, spoken word artiste, and proud alum of the University of Cape Coast from where he graduated with a
Bachelor of Arts in Education Degree. He was also president of the Department of English’s Creative Writers Club. He has featured in several journals including the maiden and second editions of the Lunaris Review Online Magazine. He has performed some inspiring poems on platforms in Ghana such as Moonlight Cafe, Indigenious Minds, VerbzCafe and has been greatly influential together with other creatives like The Village Thinkers in instituting the poetry revival in his university campus with selflessness, zeal and enthusiasm. He is a social volunteer and
aspires to positively impact society with his writings and volunteerism. He loves nature photography and is a voracious reader. Find him on: IG & Facebook: coby Daniels, Twitter:
@coby_daniels and his blog: http://www.cobysthinktank.wordpress.com

By davidlonan1

David writes poetry, short stories, and writings that'll make you think or laugh, provoking you to examine images in your mind. To submit poetry, photography, art, please send to feversofthemind@gmail.com. Twitter: @davidLOnan1 + @feversof Facebook: DavidLONan1


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