New poems by Rachael Ikins : While Shopping in Wal Mart & Nine Minutes Twenty Nine Seconds

grocery cart photo

photo by Ph B on Unsplash.

While Shopping in Wal Mart

Whiskey-cured skin the purplish
hue of cigarette smoke, she spoke
into her phone 
as she shoved among the racks of 
Carters newborn clothes. Her daughter. 
They need preemie size.
Mom says, 
“You keep squirting out these jellybeans” 
they laughed.

I imagine then that daughter smokes, too,
remember the infomercial where a young mom
who smoked during pregnancy resulting in premature

birth, advises you to “put your face near” 
the NICU incubator opening
“so your baby can see and hear you better.”
I distance from maskless Grandma, 
I bet they refuse vaccines, too.

Nine Minutes, Twenty-Nine Seconds

Lips, your chocolate silk, sweet
brush mine, drift down
my neck, kind eyes heat me.
A heartbeat- Those lips, 
swollen, desire breathes.
Nose bloodied, your neck dips
Clipped beneath another man’s weight. 
Full pivot, one knee, 
“Look, Ma, no fucking hands!”
glasses cap his head, he 
snaps, “Get back!”
testosterone high as he
mashes you 
flatter into 
And the world watches your mouth melt, mix, hot tar and a carbon monoxide cloud. 

Wolfpack Contributor: Rachael Ikins  

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