Poem” The Day is A Song” by William Taylor Jr. for Before I Turn Into Gold Online Anthology

(c) Geoffrey Wren

The Day is a Song

The day is a song Leonard Cohen
didn't have the chance to finish

and I'm caught inside it
like a wounded thing

and sometimes my poems leave me
like a woman or the hours in a day
or a last breath at the end of things

and I'm left with this ghost of a life 
and this hunger for beauty 
in whatever form it can still afford

outside there's rain
and broken people beneath

a pretty uselessness that pulls the heart

and sometimes it seems 
the best plan is to be forgotten 
just as soon as you can manage

yet there's a music to it all
that's kept me going so far

when I finish this beer I'll go outside 
and find some alley I've never seen

I'll turn the corner and take
whatever's there.

*This poem appears in William's collection, From the Essential Handbook on Making it to the Next Whatever

Bio: William Taylor Jr. lives and writes in San Francisco.He is the author of numerous books of poetry, and a volume of fiction. His work has been published widely in journals across the globe, including Rattle, The New York Quarterly, and The Chiron Review. He is a five time Pushcart Prize nominee and was a recipient of the 2013 Kathy Acker Award. Pretty Things to Say, (Six Ft. Swells Press, 2020) is his latest collection of poetry.

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