Visual Poetry by Maggs Vibo: Drinking the Ash Pt 1 & 2

Maggs Vibo (she/her) is an artist, scholar and war veteran from Richmond, Virginia. She has

experimental art and poetry films at Icefloe Press. Her art is also available at The Babel Tower

Notice Board, Ang(st) Zine and Poem Atlas. Her war poetry is available in e-anthologies with

Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre, the Veterans Writing Project, Army @ The Fringe and

forthcoming with the Veterans Writing Workshop. She tweets @maggsvibo and her website is

Margaret Viboolsittiseri


Women of Rural Gothic @thefolklorepodcast

“Half-Breed Drive” and “Nema” available @IceFloe Press

“Aesop 2020”

“The Year of the Rat” in Ang(st) Distance Project 3.0

Collage art entitled “To Our Fallen as part ‘Escapisms’

Pieces in the Anthology:

“Rage” in e-Anthology:–poetry-workshops/Twitter: