Poetry based on Photography Challenge from Ankh Spice pt 2

(c) Ankh Spice

can you describe this beautiful photo taken by (c)Ankh Spice better than Ankh?

“a thousand miles of grey wind-calved mountains on a veil-world, material for a sorcerer’s armour, fallen bits of storm-sky, shoals of glass sharks” -Ankh Spice

” a seascape – choppy, restless pewter sea in endless unbroken waterpeaks. Long dark hills brood sleeping-dragonry alon gthe horizon, a split of orange dawn/dusk firing down the spine. The rest of the sky is exhaled smoke, beginning to tint around the ember” – Ankh Spice

At journey’s end by staci-lee sherwood

What lies beneath the sea
Hidden from our eyes
Secrets the ocean keeps
Only sharing 
With a few

Do the mermaids sing softly
As  whales swim by
Wrapped in a watery blanket 
Made of ocean tears

Waves crash against rocks
Holding back the tide
When it becomes too fierce
As cool mist 
Calms the night 

As the sun begins to set
Getting ready for its slumber
All the world’s creatures
Begin to settle in 

A mystery awaits
In a far away place
For each to unravel
As we chart our own course
Of self determined destiny

Shall we rush to the land
Or linger in the sea
Time is a precious gift
We unwrap 
With every sunrise

The dawning of a new day
Beckons us to explore
A new era
And new wisdom
As we set our own course

Immersive from Lisa Falshaw

Stand. Still. 
Look out over silken-grey, sea-tumbled bed, hiding
love-depths smoothed and honed
like hand on skin, gentle lapping water,
salt-taste bites granular on lips edged with kisses.

Mountains rise, sky-tipped,
rugged contours flow back to water,
settling to razor-sharp edge,
slices soft-dipped embrace.

Sinking sun hangs low, suspended
over dark-hushed land,
dips gold to treasure of love,
flashes hot sky under foaming clouds,
sets fire to what lies beyond ink shadows,
promises and disappointments
in glowing embers of a dying fire.

Stay here, immerse yourself, my love.

(twitter: @LisaFal)

Water by Bailey Gee

I sit in silence 
Looking at the water
The waves ripple
As they greet me at my feet
For one moment
My mind is blank
I feel relaxed
Are a magical thing
Natures cure

So much depends by Helena McCanney

on gravity.
This thing we cannot see
feel or lick that lurks
every place among
and between each object,
but never shirks its duties,
tugging us towards
each other and bonding us
steadfast to the ground. 

So much depends on gravity
setting the planets
on track around the sun,
our homestar. 
This celestial roulette wheel  
that never loses momentum
keeping the moon in unbroken
perambulation around the Earth.

So much more depends on gravity,
And with the pull of the moon,
the tide lumbers in
and out.

skald by Debbie Strange

this is the way
it comes for you
in the end
a valkyrie sun astride
the mountain's obsidian back
mercury swans and planets
laying claim to the words
of your bioluminescent suffering

(twitter: @debbiestrange)

Upon these waves by Alex Irwin (the ulsterpoet)

Upon these waves
I rest my day,
o'er gilded light
and dwindleday.

And as I dwell
I hear them say,
I wash, I wash,
I wash away

Ampersand by Larissa Reid
(In memoriam from the gannet colony of the Bass Rock, Scotland, 2022)

Gannet banks, copper light infusing wing tips, 
Crisp white arc against a split wide sky 
Stitching elegance from elements. 

Gannet arrows through metal shell of sea 
Folded origami meets slim sleek shoal; 
An ampersand scatter of mackerel. 

Gannet pulls up and out of water’s density,
To soak in laced air, 
The sea oscillates in her wake.

(Twitter: @Ammonites_Stars)

Untitled piece by Sidney Mansueto

A thousand roaring waves roll into 
A void of deep passion with no voice
To be heard and seen, hiding with fear.
Fear drowns the voice, lessening its truth
Making waves in the name of fictional stories
That make the real story lifeless. 
Something as beautiful as an ocean
Is shaking with thunder, a storm to erupt
Yet nothing can stand still,
only can be if it chooses to stand against fear. 

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