Poem from Joe Kidd (inspired by Dylan) and photography of trees

Driving Rain

come over here
let us move together
through the light
through the smoke
we travel in circles
of friends in need
in heat

rolling down corridors, highways, and hallways
to our rooms, to our child
the one we left when we began to hear
transmissions, confessions
reflections in the mirror
who could predict the beauty of those nights

as tribes gather
so do souls
and ghosts, and poets
upon rocks, electric, metallic, organic
thunder and rain upon the rim
of this crater formed
on the brim of this elusive hat
a book, a gospel, the cry of the wild

we feed, we drink, we inhale and inject
here is the dance, here is the medicine
we seek the eye of the hurricane
and we fear not while we inhabit this song
(the remains of the magic tree)

Warhol/Factory Series: Joe Kidd: Warhol in Fact
Poem by Joe Kidd for “Before I Turn Into Gold Day” inspired by Leonard Cohen Poem A Fevers of the Mind Quick-9 Interview with Joe Kidd