Poem from K Weber “Lullabye for Christie” inspired by the Dirty Three

Lullabye for Christie

A poem inspired by the song “Lullabye for Christie” by Dirty Three

I have stretched myself out
like the limbs of the letter K
but bent to warble; rust-
metallic as a saw singing

while someone plays me
like a violin. They may
remember me, Kristi,
but never the spelling. I

adopt the soft, inner arc
of a C just to have my name
committed to other peoples’
memories. I will be Christine,

Christy, Christa, and adrift.
I am insecure as I secure
these masks. I rest on a plane
of existence I share with birds

and tall grasses while I fail
to convert oxygen to truth.
Just take me away in your
thoughts as whoever I was

while the drummer knocked
time. Seasons roll by and who
am I? Nestled or severe? Feet
steadied in sand or twisted

in the wind, my ankle? I swear
summer slowed to a long kiss just
once before they knew I can
wield fast daggers and steal songs

for poems and remember me only
as the pointed limbs of the letter K.

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Poetry by K Weber : Untitled, Freelance Patient, Support System, Observation 

BIO: K Weber is an Ohio poet. She has self-published 6 free online poetry book projects in PDF and audio formats for over a decade. Her forthcoming digital collection: A SUM OF OUR POETIC PARTS: VOLUME 1 will be released in 2022 and features more of her poems that incorporate words donated by others!  All of her projects, her writing and photography credits, and more at her website: http://kweberandherwords.wordpress.com

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