2 Poems by Peter Hague : “Eco Warrior:Future as Promised” & “Dark in the Woods”

(c)Peter Hague 2020 All rights reserved


These 2 poems are from Peter’s recent book “Gain of Function” and were also recently published in “The Anthropocene Hymnal”, an anthology published as a reaction to various ‘green’ subjects, such as climate change.

Eco Warrior: Future as Promised

I was green in nineteen-seventy-two. 
I’m not green now and know too much. 

There was still time then, but none were listening. 
Now there’s no time and no one is listening. 

Experts talk in terms of warnings, 
but only from a standpoint of accepted decimation. 

There is no measure of attempted avoidance – 
humans expand into one, brutal nation. 

Animals and landscapes are labelled ‘endangered’ – 
ushered into the memories of a broken planet. 

Yet they continue to star in films and photographs – 
a foolish compensation for those who care. 

A worrying alternative for the predicted extinct, 
said by some – and by those visual gamers – 

to be available forever 
on a hard drive marked: ‘nature’.

Dark in the Woods

It will be dark in the woods 
when we re-enter its living space 
after millenniums of streets 
have fallen and failed.
When all we have left 
is our lanterns and memories – 
and the courage to listen 
ourselves to sleep.

When we live amongst trees 
we will grow the next stem, 
we will unfold a new leaf 
to replace our past. 
We will learn to share 
the simple devices 
of art and philosophy, 
where the darkness is healed.

There is a Lord of Souls 
in the comforting woods 
and we will come to know 
the benefits of autumn – 
when our souls have ceased 
their civil reliance – 
when all we have left 
are lanterns and darkness.

Bio: Peter Hague has written and studied poetry for most of his life and apart from being published in magazines like 'The Interpreter’s House' he is now posting some of his work on Twitter. Two books of collected work are in production now and are expected in the coming weeks. He is also working on a new website, dedicated to his writing. He is also associated with the art name ‘e-brink’ and has a gallery of digital art at: www.e-brink.co.uk.

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