Small Town Lothario by HilLesha O’Nan

Small Town Lothario

He was a silvery eyed devil
in the guise of a postal worker
that begrudgingly delivered your mail
like he was Henry Charles Bukowski. In
his mind, he was a laureate and he had
paid his dues long enough.

He thought of himself as a small town 
that was making women feverishly
swoon when he wasn't murdering them 
in his poems
that he claimed that was better 
than anything Hemingway could have ever 

He once wrote about the women of the 
night, calling them brazen whores
that danced with strange men before
disappearing before dawn.  Was it true
crime? Either way, the older artists were
his ever faithful lap dog, calling him the
next Jack Kerouac. 

Bio: HilLesha O’Nan is a blogger, writer, photographer & marketer. She is co-editor/founder of Fevers of the Mind Poetry & Art. She runs the blog for over 15 years