2 Poems from Oladejo Abdullah Feranmi : Mo(u)rning Candles & Highly Damned

(photo from pixabay)

Mo(u)rning candles

And these poems are a museum of me 
no matter how beautiful and ugly 
the prints fit your shoes. I carry my body 
an ocean so you can vast your wing 
about the blueness of my reflection. 
My body is a beach tiding grief 
even if I cough the yellowest sun. No matter 
how hard I burn bright, I can't put off 
these shadows. Or stop making teeth 
off their bones. How do I tell the world 
that y'all going to the same place 
you came from? From dawn to dawn again 
and everything melts into dew.

Highly damned

I hated happening to myself since 
I will have to pay my hands if the result
comes empty-handed. How holy can curl 
sharp on a tongue— how bitter I burnt 
when it broke chain off my voice box. 
I melted into a puddle and waved 
to dawn's peace— how much dust 
you can gather when your body 
is an hourglass 
my heart ticking me there. 
Every breath I take collapses a grain 
through the walls of my chest— I've seen 
enough of the past to call the window a mirror
—A reflection threw into the future 

Biography; Oladejo Abdullah Feranmi is a Veterinary medicine student at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, a submission reader at the sea glass literary magazine, and an editor for the incognito press. Pursuing his enthusiasm for poetry, He has his works published/forthcoming in Gone Lawn, Brave Voices Magazine, and a few more. He tweets from;@oaferanmi