Poetry by Samuel Strathman : Instability & Going Backwards


keep the sound out

keep your hands to yourself

let me think on my own


loneliness does not

faze me at all

companionship is the

root of all my problems


wait for me to come to you

or else I will shatter at your feet




caffeine lacks its usual potency

I am out of my body

a hollow chalky sound

bouncing off a long hallway

stumbling further and further from

where i belong

after you left

I fell into a sinkhole

where i started beating

myself up over losing you


Twitter: @_strathman

Samuel Strathman is a Jewish/Canadian poet, author, and educator who was diagnosed with a non-verbal learning disability at the age of seven.  Some of his poems have appeared in Half a Grapefruit Magazine, Montreal Writes, Peeking Cat Poetry, and Anti-Heroin Chic, with more to come later this year.  His book “The Radical Dreams” became available on Amazon back in April of 2018.  He lives in Toronto, Ontario