2 Poems by Samantha Terrell : Carpe Diem & Standards

Carpe Diem

I curse you, Shame - a
Persistent thief who
Sneaks into mornings, which turn into
Days - with your
Memories and fears
Determined to
Steal esteem
To fuel
New days, which
Turn into years.


My crown of bricks
Weighs upon my head -
Where it sits
Mocking me with its
Symbolism, and dissent
From expectation.

I understand it looks odd.
Please trust
It often
Feels awful.
But, for me, it’s more of a must
Than a choice.

So go ahead, stare.
I’ve learned constant
Application of pressure

Samantha Terrell, Poet/Writer
Vision, and Other Things We Hide From

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2 Poems by Samantha Terrell : “Unfurled Living” “Off and Away”

Unfurled Living

What if I was getting
Used to
Cloistered living,
Less chaos,
Slower paces?

What if global despair
Caused time for
Personal repair,

What can I hold
In my quiet heart,
Now that I have to be bold
Again; go out into the world
Again, amongst the unfurled?

Off and Away

Smoke billowing from
The toaster-oven
Indicates I’ve
Lost track of
My spirit, again.

It runs off, sometimes,
To fear for the global economy,
Or try and
Make sense
Of me.

“Ding!” the toaster
Rang, but my spirit
Didn’t hear it. It
Was busy recalling
Song lyrics.

Now, music notes and burnt-toast-smoke
Rise with me. 

Wolfpack Contributor Bio: Samantha Terrell