Poetry: I’m Tired of passin’ through by Ryan Buynak

photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

I’m tired of passin’ through

I'm tired of tuna melts
at diners dead by sight. 

I'm tired of train rides
and airplane flights.
I'm tired of seeing rivers
and not being able to touch them.

I'm tired of shouting
in hotel rooms,
only at myself and maybe the mirror.

I'm tired of couches
without blankets
and blankets 
without beds.

I’m tired of pretending
that Bob Dylan is singing to me.

I’m tired of bartenders
being know-it-alls
or sad babes.

I’m tired of those days
that go away.

I’m tired of moving.
I’m tired of passin’ through.
I’m tired of writing
these poems for you.

Ryan Buynak is a poet, a pugilist, and a podcast host.