Info from Simon Zec in regards to a writing project about his father’s battle with Dementia

My current project has a working title of ‘Ring Side Seat’ 

It is a poetic record of the journey I am going on with my father as he reaches the end of his life and as he is aging and struggling with dementia. It is mainly a reflection of each visit and a study in my relationship with him and how I struggle to cope. I’m not sure how long the journey will last or where it will take us but I feel it is a journey many people have been on and may find that their journey resonates with them and helps them process what they are or have been going through also.

For this project I was sat at my fathers side in hospital on his 84th birthday and the imagery was so stark. Each night after visiting my father I would write a poem and as I shared these poems online I could see from peoples reactions that it also meant something to them too. As hard as it was to share them and as dark a place it was at times it felt important to let them out and see where it takes us.

I’m hoping that ‘Ring Side Seat’ will be the most personal and meaningful work to date. I feel my poetry though often is quite open and honest i often hold back on showing too much of myself. When I allow that to be seen is when my work becomes more meaningful.  

“I have been watching a jigsaw of my father
Slowly being dismantled
A piece at a time
A bi weekly grief
In preparation for the big day”

a line/stanza from his project
From Ring Side Seat

I’m not sure when ‘Ring Side Seat’ will come out as it is an ongoing project but i will be using the hashtag #RingSideSeat for each work online and for updates of the project
It will be published by The Real Press

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