#stopthehate poetry challenge by Rick Spisak

grayscale photo of people on street

Too Many

They stop a car

and just for par

check their manners and morals at the door

sink slinking down to the bottom floor

loud and angry brutal violence scores

as shouted Q's pepper a citizen, 


how long will the endless nightmare last

what in fear's name should I do

stand upon my basic rights in view?

become a target in your sights

for simply speaking up for rights

or meekly sink in fear and terror

and pray there'll be no fatal error

or stand up tall with freedoms fervor

does the citizen feel protected,

or neglected lost

when with faced with angry shouting 

selected COST?

no swerving service here, just neglected brutal loss

Puzzled by the need for vengeance

and when-where's the color-blind sentence?

what part of service does this speak

where have our rights gone? 

The where's the leak?

disparities of black and white reflected in the cops gunsights

not taken out for dining trips

but harrowing target car-rides and fatal slips

why should arrest entail a death sentence

why is there no justice, no bail and no repentance?

until the law falls on all equal, will we this troubles

repeat in sequel again, again, again, when all we want

is equal treatment under law, 

and our old blind justice

whom never colors saw

Short Bio:

Richard W. Spisak Jr.

 Richard writes both commercially and creatively poetry, essays, short stories and plays. His writing ranges from humorous to romantic, from political to absurdist. His first short story collection was published under the title “Two small windows, in a pair of mirror doors” to rave international reviews. He has produced a webcast for the last eight years. 

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