A Fevers of the Mind Quick-9 Interview with Rhianna Levi

Q1: When did you start writing and whom influenced you the most now and currently?

Rhianna: I have been writing most of my life. It began in childhood through my love for the subject of English, and as an adult, I have built confidence in showcasing my writing publicly. My teachers and my loved ones have influenced me the most.

Q2: Any pivotal moment when you knew you wanted to be a writer? 

Rhianna: Probably when I started sharing my work at open mic nights in Worcester, connecting with fellow poets.

Q3: Who has helped you most with writing and career? 

Rhianna: The local poetry scene in Worcester.

Q4: Where did you grow up and how did that influence you? Have any travels influenced your work? 

Rhianna: I was born in Worcester, but lived in a small market town called Ledbury for most of my childhood, internationally recognised for the Ledbury Poetry Festival. I then moved back to Worcester when I turned 18. Both influenced my work through its links to literature and opportunities to engage with other writers.

Q5: What do you consider your most meaningful work creatively to you? 

Rhianna: A poetry piece titled ‘Revival in Regeneration’, which won me the Worcestershire Poet Laureate 22/23 title.

Q6: Favorite activities to relax? 

Rhianna: When I want to relax, I game, watch movies, travel to heritage sites or go to a coffee shop!

Q7: What is a favorite line/ stanza/lyric from your writing? 

Growing up was never safe. 
Never comfortable in tribulations that pushed against and into that young ribcage.

Q8: What kind of music inspires you the most? What is a song or song that always come back to you as an inspiration? 

Rhianna: I listen to a range of genres, so if a song/beat speaks to me, then I will most likely love it. ‘Odyssey’ by No Wyld and ‘Dreamin’ by The Score and Blackbear are two of my favourite songs that always come back to me.

Q9: Do you have any recent or upcoming books, music, events, etc that you would like to promote? 

I have a lot going on, connect with me on social media to keep updated!

Twitter: @RhiannaEliza98

Instagram: @RhiannaLevi98 

Facebook: Rhianna Elizabeth Levi 


Rhianna is a teacher, academic, and writer from Worcester, England. She is the current Worcestershire Poet Laureate for 2022/23. Her writing and social media presence focuses on social issues, spirituality, and humanity in the world. Rhianna is also an enthusiast of coffee and films. 

Links: https://nymphspublications.com/new-blog/by-all-in-salem-by-rhianna-levi