An Interview with Aaron Tanner of Melodic Virtue (from Fevers of the Mind Poetry & Art Digest June 2019)

(c) Melodic Virtue
What Does Regret Mean?
Let’s ask the man who put together the book.
Aaron Tanner.
He is a graphic designer, a musician himself
Having been a member of bands such as Stationary Odyssey and Off-Ox.
He decided to dip into his passion of music and put together
A book. A visual history book about the Legendary Alternative band
“The Butthole Surfers” from the Psychedelic tornadoes of Texas.
For this book he compiled and worked with many legendary musicians
 such as Gibby Haynes (the lead-man) of the Surfers, Mickey Melchiondo (Dean Ween of Ween)
Testimonials from Thurston Moore & Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) Kim Thayil (Soundgarden), Henry Rollins (Black Flag, Rollins Band)
Many stories about the wild deludes of traveling with the Butthole Surfers.
Are recalled by other great musicians from the early 80s and 90’s
Visit Aaron’s site at to order a copy of the book today.

Hi Aaron,
Q1: When was the first time you heard the Butthole Surfers? What album? What song? That for most people would be a very hard question to
 answer due to the state a lot of people are in when listening to the Surfers. I believe most people know them best from the 90's hit "Pepper" but they had been a very interesting band for a full decade before that song.  I believe I got into the Independent Worm Saloon the most when I expanded my musical horizons. 

Aaron: I loved the Butthole Surfers' music ever since I heard it in my mid-teens. But it wasn't until I came across  Locust Abortion Technician that I was completely hooked. That album permanently altered my perception of what music could be, and changed the course I took to pursue new bands ever since. And considering, I couldn't be more thrilled that the book also includes an unreleased track on flexi disc from those sessions, "Locust Abortion Technician Medley."

Q2: Has the alternative 80's & 90's music always been the first style of music you often turned to growing up? Obviously, you are a huge fan of Butthole Surfers. What other bands influenced your style as a musician? I often heard Sonic Youth and Pixies influences when listening to your work.

Aaron: Most definitely. It's the music I grew up on! I've always loved bands that didn't limit themselves in any way; that weren't afraid to really try something different. The Residents were a great example of this too. They were another big influence on me early on.

Q3: When did you first form a relationship with Dean Ween?

Aaron: I met Mickey (Dean Ween) about 16 years ago. Having just started doing album artwork at a professional level, I approached him about possibly working together. The rest is history!

Q4: What are the future plans for Melodic Virtue? Are you going to be working on musician books exclusively, or are there plans to expand works of other artists? Any sneak peek on some you might have in mind?

Aaron: Melodic Virtue is now strictly a publisher of limited-run coffee table books on bands. We've recently expanded our staff and are about to work on a visual history for Ministry. Nothing but positive things ahead!   
*See upcoming posts on Melodic Virtue including info on current & past titles including the Ministry book that had released"

Q5: Any social media, web pages, band promotions for the bands you've been a part of? What would you like people to know about Aaron Tanner and Melodic Virtue?

Aaron: We work with the band's management and social team on all promotions related to the books. Melodic Virtue is a small, hard-working independent publisher with a strong history of award-winning work in the music industry. Originally started in 2004 as a graphic design studio, we're known for telling authentic and unusual stories visually, and now do so through limited-run coffee table books. With over 200 pages of live and behind-the-scenes photographs, set lists, posters, and album art, these limited-run collector's editions offer an immersive and definitive visual history of each band. Additionally, most of our case-bound coffee table books include a 7" flexi disc of a previously unreleased song. 

Butthole Surfers: What Does Regret Mean?

book is currently sold-out at this time.

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