Micro Poems & a few longer ones by David L O’Nan

Angelic Protectors

Awake after nightmares
Of dragons
Lost job offer arguments
A quiet time
once you hear his truck
Leave to his affairs,
to his home cooking
Chocolate cake desserts
when we eat mini ravioli
And generic macaroni & cheese
Stale snack cakes too
Somehow, we find the energy
To wrestle in swing sets,
bleeding out skinned knees
In the trees
We see faces
Imagine them as our angelic protectors


With thought to thought
Kindling closer to the shadow weaver
We meshed in shadows for a moment
We touched hands and glow for a moment
Yes, a dark glow
But a glow anyways
That is all it was
And that is all it needs to be
So, now I’m skin and you’re salt
So, now I’m burning
and you’re oil
In broken words
from another day
We were one
For the moment


You were born on a trip,
maybe a tunnel.
You were fished out of the lake
and they told you that you are beautiful.
So, they held you up towards the sunlight
to see your perfections,
only now they saw the little rippled rips
of your soul drips.
And now you are just a disease.
A mass will feed off the sadness
of a blind man's blues song
depicting you as a raging river cancer.

The Impossible

Love is the Impossible
You just allow me to be slime
Step Over Me
Never Looking Back
Maybe you’ll see the reflection
But Ignore it
The possibility is never engaged
Winter Hands you have
Shaking, cold, always a muted void
love is the impossible
Warmth is not programmed in your heart
I’m dreaming as a kid watching clouds mate
They are so loving
Such a hug
Articulating the sunlight
Love is the Impossible?

The Shouts of Wind

Hands on mouth
Shout little wind…shout!
Can we follow the ghetto light?
Can we trade our beauty for love?
So, he’s a star you shine for…not much of a star
Just ego
With diluted smiles, crooked words
Untamed lips
Why can’t stars realize they are just light
They are not special…only light
With eyes on eyes
Evaporate little scarecrow tears,
Stagnant bored tear,
Can we linger dead when life’s poisons is in our
So, this is what it is
Alone…crippling tree and all?


they melt on bones
Before the cutting shapes & moulding
My dreams were built on adversity
overcoming the reality
Battling the ego brains
Who wants to dapper in the cavities
Since juvenile years
I’ve always thought of myself as
The swimming fish that scurry
from the sharks, lil’ one
Tap on the narcissism drum
Play with my brittle heart
like legos
Shadows are cloned in my peaceful soul.

From Sunset to Mercy

By yes, I meant supremacy
Voided into the waves of my mind
There is a sunset,
but I’m a novice to love
I’ve tried before,
back when I thought all was normal
Looked at love
Spun in circles
and dreamt into a psychedelic phase
It hung in the air,
remaining neutral
Once clutching to pull,
and it could go either way
By no, I meant lonely
Something catchy
bit me in the heart
Wanted me to hear it,
But then I wanted to evolve into space
Becoming stars
and a fortnight’s moon break
Sent to organize the ego of implicit rage
That music box
was broken before it had ever been played
Jolly laughter was croaking by the seaside
Wanting sand to become one with the sun
But the sun,
had its own brand of mercy
When it shimmered then singed,
melting back into my brain.

Rainbows in Smoke

With gas masks laying in the clipped beach
Thrills of misery worth the laying of face-downs
Fishing in the swamp
Hands over the masked faces
Crying over monster shadows
Ears that hear echoed folly
The words that are lost in vapor trails
Following sanity back to its old well
I have feet that jump over every obstacle
While laughing,
I pray that the joker is mine
All the smiles, all the fun,
all is captured
In clutching hands,
I run
I tap the roof of heaven as I jump over the trees
My code word is victory,
As I light the rainbow with ease
Starting as a small spark,
works to a flame
Minutes into the inferno,
the next second the world ablaze
The friends know this laughter,
they know I must soar
They know that fantasy is only that
of Mother Nature’s bore
Wicked diamonds shine over our death
Encasing the energy that pulsates
through the chest
Lectures from sad eyes leading to silent howls
Lonely wolves, proud moments now
walking with canes
She still looks pretty after each mile
I have escaped
Even when grey,
she still has those deadpan movie star eyes
Soar higher,
jump with your steel legs
Once they were noodles,
now they will not break
This time break apart the clouds
Allow it to rain
We need to heal,
keeping the sunshine sealed.

This is My Life for You

I was kidnapped before birth 
To the cult of love
The glory of the wren’s flight 
To the wind
I watch from the magic of eyes above 
Relax in my golden stare.
And I lay dead brushing strokes through your hair 
Childlike in my confusion.

In days where my temper is a fever 
The irate bird,
The imperfect weaver
Stole the stripes from the zebra
You can’t read me with all these lines 
I blur, mutate, static
Even stagnate in and out of bravery.

I can be irritating and uncomfortable 
Unshakable and self-destructible
Even when my heartbeats sing your name 
I am sometimes lost,
Most of the time really

I feel heaven in my veins 
But, in my brain I feel silly
Until moments I can’t breathe in prayer.

I wish on stars,
Lived inside the moon I lit candles,
Burned incense for you 
Years ago, in cosmos
I sent energy for you universally
But dare I say I put myself in a slight hex.

Outside of you,
I just continually pile up in a million car wrecks 
I have lost people,
All of the time
Even familial times have gone by
A lost tunnel of my father, sisters, and brothers.

And looking up to me
I see all the women in the curses of the past
In moments they tricked me like a sassy demon 
Yet, I feel like i’m the one that failed
Will they just wash away with the fires in them? 
I love you more than the melting of the blue skies

My mind absorbs in all the good from you
I can only hope to share with you my eternal touch. 
Even when most of what is left of me
Doesn’t matter much. 
This, this, this, this! 
This is my life,
For you

Winter Wheels Roll Backwards

Winter wheels do roll backwards
In the ice wagons plucking against the cobblestones 
Christmas was eagerly awaited
Behind us
‘Twas like a sneak Twisted in leaves
Watching the sun become white 
Crusting over with frost
Bells of the season began the ringing 
We let our eyes be the season
We buried Autumn’s fears in the snow 
Began to dream the familiar holiday dream 
Sipped warm cider as thieves walk by
Waiting for the comfort to solidify this mortal coil 
A real fantasy
The season can unite 
Ugliness with the dynamic
The love of a mother with the spite of a father. 
This season of Silver Bells
The businesses provide the therapeutic facade
For a few weeks we can pretend to be comfortable again 
The hype
The green money spent
This season of crowded sidewalks 
Shopping bags
The weight of wanted love and acceptance
The awakening of high school janitor Santa Clauses 
Temp Agency Reindeer,
The Church parades,
The lights of the city are intoxicating
Beaming on the baby Jesus in the Nativity scene 
The music tickles on our nerves
And we begin to dance without cares
The snow was meant for us to dance through. 
Never intended for the endless busy cars
The bossy shopgoers bumping into our Anxiety disorders. 
No mix of the mud and oil in the purity of snow.
White, so pure
And for a few minutes
I began to believe in Heaven again.


You said “Marry Me”
In your diamond ring dreams
Polishing dollar signs with mop water
Watch me turn from genius to mummy
And watch me take down all comers
Playing tennis with the gold diggers
Once they find you’re fraudulent
Their brain will be exposed to be the same


Evict us from the pain of heart
Still lays a convict of soul
Behind frostbite upon the jugular
Are tracks to discovery, a unity
We are 2 dead pigeons cradling
Wings clipped
A fellowship in our prison
Hurdle and fledge, flight vacated
Amity until no more.


An ardent man
Severed through the sprouts 
claiming the land of melancholy
As his passion property
Burned to the core, a perishing
Through the tufts,
And digesting away the organic masses
Enter the sky,
Pin away at the clouds

To puncture,
Releasing the waters
Drown the greed
Into stark-raving drudgery.


Another heartbeat bandit 
Dripping in the filth of lies
Love doesn’t sprout in the grip of the flowers
There are no truths in a blind man’s masquerade
You can’t put a bow of bandages over the scars
And call everything alright
When you can smell the spoiling
Save your sobbing for the jailor’s sleeve.


Looking sharp
Not a Rat
Staring into the sun
Blind paper crown rejections
As the giants smash through the flowers
Without a care
A liar’s bravado
See yourself in that mirror
Roll those damn dice
No power
You are a cigarette butt
In a tiny suit
Hypocrites that drink sewage as truth.


A two-faced Ophidian 
Swirls in for an attack
To grab the soul
To sip at the poison
That blisters in the afterglow
Leading a manifestation
Of dancing spirits
Piercing in our throats
Now let the moonlight
Evaporate all the decay
Take in a deep breath of redemption stars.


The wedding
Then the honeymoon
Oh, that is just a nosebleed
The civic robots peer wonderstruck
To drink in the gossip
Enrich their swaying minds
Oh, how pleasant they can be
When your bliss has been shattered to smithereens
And your punk is with some new tarts 
down by the alligator stream

You’re stuck with a denial smile
In a copacetic hotel, 
that is welcoming a burglary


Spun around the world
In one dramatic pantomime
At our core was love
My outer shell split by the wicked
Watch the guiding light dim
As the monsters begin to gather
To tear apart my beauty
As love is now just a feast for the drama, the nihilism pours over
We ruin, alas

Wolfpack Contributor EIC Bios:  David L O’Nan & HilLesha O’Nan

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Removed from the fabric,
torn into pieces
Displaced unconsciousness,
and an old smile still shatters a heart
when your mind is poisoned,
when you're cradled up and your flesh is all you feel.
A smile still shatters the heart
You become one in your mind
There are rules to this life
You will be undone by yourself
if you linger on a smile that shatters the heart.
Other plans are in the works
A family awaits
A heart is bandaged up
and repaired and tuned to a loving beat.
Many smiles that have nurtured a heart into love,
into grace, into belief in life
and a dream that there is more to give
to feel like you've never felt before
A resurgence in your inner glow
a return to the depths of energy you shall inherit
In peace we can be
In peace we can be
In peace we can love and be

The Bullets Flirting With the Sky

We can’t escape the bullets
So, we just scatter
Into the dark
Forgetting the chase
We want to be learned
We want to be known
By our hearts,
by our souls
If I climb up these stars
And pull each one down
Will it mean a thing?
Or, crumble with the seeds
across the burning dirt
Are you a clown?
Or an armoured knight?
Wearing a mask
Painted up for the party
Sticking to the air is your aura glow
It just stagnates over your last step
Will it follow you home?
will it be a lonely candle
over some damp windowsill?
He looks down
Applauds my obedience
Say’s I’m scared
He can really tell
So, I will be shy
I will search for gold in the ditches of my soul
And hope that everything
will shine in the end


I was once destroyed outside the mind
I have climbed back in to relight the enigma
I stood still with my hands against the clouds
I pulled the pricks off the sunshine,
and let the solar energy burn into my fingertips
I am the lost soul walking across the heavens
Bare to all,
A crawling infant inside the shell of all that is mortal,
Created, or otherwise
I’m imperfect until all eyes have been shut
A dream that has yet been immortalized
by creation, in realism
A man who never knew his own name,
as in his reason for being
As in his goal which has made into a task,
made by another task, made by a promise
Made for a purpose,
that was never translated in ideal format.
A broken sound
Punctured sonar
Now does he have everything?
That perfection?
That surrounding clouds of truth and answers?
Every step, every movement
Muscle, skeletal,
thought, energy have a blemished scrape
across his aura
A meaning is only a meaning
when a search begins,
Ends with a soul wanting to know
more truths than answers
Questions will be the enveloping claw
that massages our minds into immortality.


I’ve got a cramp
Lucid dreaming as a ghost for the first time
No longer, wanderer, or moldy faced drifters
We lifted our veil revealing for the first time -
As the shakened devil doll that eluded crimson,
Milked the brain of the universe.
Joining the slime from all the blisters
Going go-go illicit into tragedy
Built from sunlight and soft skin
Sin broken out of thought
Displayed for the shadows to celebrate
A repugnant escapade
We, unity over sadness
Us, glory over hatred
Universal, instinct over criminal
Played the soul dwelling game in the belly of the Earth
Ignition of hunger instincts
We stick together in a saran wrap wind gust.
We trade eyes,
Souls stick as well
Our loving hearts with other ideas began to poke holes
To find a way out
Afraid of the smothering
So yeah, I still have that cramping.


Feeling dumb as nails
Hot as sunshine stuck to my tongue
Dried up like raisins
A crippled scarecrow
My seized mind growls
As lightbulbs pop all around
The constant howl of pickup trucks
In the night
To pick up women,
who shouldn’t be so trusting
Dinner on the table
Michelob and bread
I’ve got a burned-up atrium
Defecating death smells
In the closet
The Mannequin wife blinks
She’s doing double duty
As plastic
As pink
In the road,
the wonder boy crows
He has the secrets to a good arsenic soak.

A Crowd Looks On

A crowd looks on
As the sun gropes the moon
And the stars oil themselves together
A crowd looks on

A crowd looks on
A hill collapses over electrical wires
A tear trembles down the face of an oversexed mayor
A whole trailer park is in flames
A Pentecostal family plays checkers by a pond of ducks
A crowd looks on

A crowd looks on
A 15 year old girl gives birth to new life
In the woods with an old sailor’s hat as her pillow
A crowd looks on

A crowd looks on
As the cops erupt in anger
And another life is taken away
A whole family vanishes
A crowd looks on

Fishing with the Beatniks

We walked down the dusty path
Where all the windshields were covered in soot
We had hair that hadn’t been cut in seasons
We felt wacky and sniffed glue by the pond.
By the burgundy garbage can we listened to the crickets
Our friends were trees that smelled wet and wretched.
We looked into each other’s eyes and our legs bent and melted.
Sunshine on our arms, felt whimsical 
While our idiotic brains ran behind the clouds like a goof.

We were nothing but children again
Running into the pond with clothes falling off
With the catfish and amoeba dreaming of our flesh
Our untied shoes sat on the rocks while we ran careless
Slipping on the blood of our cuts, 
Not even paying attention to the electrical flashes from the clouding sky.

We got too busy playing like devils
To fish with all the beatniks snapping by the campfires.
Too busy as frogs, circling the lily pads
Marijuana smoke and the skunks marinate

And the peace and thundering storm become one.
We fell asleep looking up at debris flying together,
The dirt raked down into our eyes and mouth
We drank up the mud, and went home fishless.

Crippled Clown

I am the crippled clown
I can’t entertain the children
I have been juggling arrows and knives for far too long
I have forgot what is right, what is wrong
Maybe i’m stuck in the permanence of a mistake
I feel a trap on my tightened stems
Someone catch me as I fall now
I promise I can be good
I’m really just misunderstood
I never meant to be society’s harm and shame.
The face of wrinkled makeup decay
The door has been slammed shut on the joy, the trippy music
Now i’m sunk
Within the Earth, 
I am crawling in my own flesh
Every bone is breaking
In my hands, i’m splitting
Battling every illness inside and outside
I tried very hard to bring laughter to all of you from afar
The laughs in gray now from the juggling days
Can you handle me falling?
To see the shape i’m in
Try to understand.
That really, i’m not in too much pain

I was the heir to the problem.
I am to be swept away like the confetti.
In the thin air i’ll be with the birds
Flying free, the air is the sound
The only sound I need for the moment
I’m dreaming as I fall, 
I dream of the Ocean’s scars
Will I be able to stitch the waters back together?
I’m deeply calm, 
I’m not shook nor full of brawn
The sweet breath of the Stratosphere
And dear, I leave you with the light
I crawled so far into the needles and the fires
The hills became too steep to climb
So, let me get far into this blank dark abyss
Let me pronounce my dying days to the whole world
The one who laughed at my mental juggling.

Elvis Presley Boyfriends

No tears left
for those who walk crooked
Tripping over sidewalks
leaning on walls at the bus stop
Tippie and Gaba watched him,
laughed at him, wanted him
They each had 
those swollen stoned girly eyes
Those girls munched
on banana bread as
the ice cracked in the Earth
under their feet
They dreamt of him
swollen stoned girly eyes
Those girls munched
on banana bread as
the ice cracked in the Earth
under their feet
They dreamt of him
They dreamt up pictures
of Elvis Presley boyfriends
that were linked to the mob
Suddenly the air is awake,
it yawns its last yawn for the night
it’s ready for a new day,
to crash, to burn and spawn
There's a man with Cauliflower ears
drawing on sidewalks with chalk
pictures of children
with black eyes enjoying
an unknown sunshine
He wiggles in twitches
in a paranoid haze
Does a few somersaults
across a whole town of weed infested
hoping to catch the glances of Marilyn
Does she catch him?
Only he will know
Will her blowing dress
become tattooed to a cloud?
He is ready to fight the pink night
Challenges the town
to a drinking game
blowing bubbles of champagne
inside a sewer drain
The night wins by default
Soon light appears,
day was clear
And he wondered
if he had been the crust
in the sky’s cloudy eyelids
In the shadows
he saw glistening greasy sideburns
Rock-a-hula to the new day
The ladies attached to him
as he was swaying in jumpsuits
in the pan alley
still smells like a sewer
He thought he found
two Marilyn Monroes
derived out of the remnants
of a dumpster wig
They were only the drunkard Jills
that fell down the hill
into the grip of a delusional persona
It was not a jealous Wednesday
it was a Frisky Friday
and they all rejoiced
into a broken mirror,
in peace they realized they were all one
in the same
A crowd of laughter erupted
inside a sealed envelope
Broken open only by a jackhammer
A walk upon seashells,
he will catch
the burning of the former world
from a distance.

Wolfpack Contributor EIC Bios:  David L O’Nan & HilLesha O’Nan

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A Scramble in the Darkness

When I feel the veins in my arms mutate into a tragedy
My head has become nothing but air
When I can’t move with the waves of the city
All I want is a hand to squeeze mine
When I’m alone,
I still feel the crowded breath upon my shoulders
Into my ears, caressing my brain
Injecting me with fears
I am cradled in nerves,
and with that you have no comfort
How can you describe this to the people that love you?
You still feel helpless,
the words don’t match your actions
You’ve been rejected, a rejection, and the madness
I feel the tears collected in a basin
By the darkness, while in scrambles
The darkness, is the only presence
The darkness, is your master
The darkness, is your personal rapture
The darkness is the minder
The darkness whistles you into the wind of capture
Until never again
A prayer wrapped in the skin of sin

The Romance to the Rapture

I walked for centuries
Burning the midnight oil
The wind,
like a romance
Began pleasant,
quite enticing
Then our minds became puzzles
As the wind ripped away our breath
And we could no longer see each other
As the sand flew into our eyes,
ripe with maleficence
Broke our hearts,
an assemblage of particles
Stale blood formed where we loved
You moved on to feel the rapture
I crawled into a septic of flooding
The oceans lay bare
and I often believed in only
the darkness of the sunsets
Peeling purple & orange skies
with the hint of black cloaked evils
Can I mask a smile for the dreamers?
That don’t live in nightmares
I can only sing myself out of the bore
Let my reflection drink the tears
that pour
In echoes I can hear your song
What is love?
A love is an affliction?
A love is bruising minds,
it is an addiction
You want the sunrise to lick the decay away
Begin with the pulse of the soul,
the sorrow I can feel
Alone, in breath
Forming peace when hated.

A Rhapsody for a Cloud, For a Friend

I know that tears can’t be erased
When staring at a blank photo
Memories are still playing within the fading
We want icicles that doesn’t melt in the desert
That drip vastly from forest branches
I remember a 5-year span
When I was all alone in my fears
Dreaming in dark mirrors,
I couldn’t recognize my own reflection
In that 5 years I knew you
When you were here
Although we didn’t draw together,
write together
You are a great person to talk to in life
In social media muck as well
On whatever Myspace was,
whatever facebook is
Wherever a lost cloud may go
We confessed, we discussed
The virals of sadness, madness,
or whatever the trips were
I confided to you in a PTSD window
From a night I was challenged
by the false in their own frightening shadows of self
To become the bullied
and the one who was advantageous to their call
And how it was unordinary for this to be
reversals of a common news story
I listened to your artistic energy in song,
I saw that same energy in your art
I appreciated you being an appearance at poetry readings
That I broke apart at
That you seemed to understand the Holy dances
we all try to sway to
Sometimes our feet become the monsters,
won’t let us move
The people we know, or thought we know
Even motherly,
have the sharpest bite
Lost like that cloud.
In space yet discovered
With eyes that recognize its artistic path
towards something not yet known
other galaxies will be able to decipher the purity
And understand the words, the art,
to appreciate a cloud of flower petals
With a soul. With a heart.
Whom has an Inner Light
What else, the darkness?
That is just the veil to hide the imagination.

A Crumbling Pyramid

The pyramids have lost their eyes
The pyramids are losing their life
They are crumbling into piles of sand
And here I am
Looking for my time,
caught in another’s mind
Searching for a soul to find
If it lays in the sand
Is it mine or another man’s?
Did my pyramid already begin to erode?
I feel so cold, walking on hot sands
The chilly breeze has caught my naked hands
And I’m aging by the smell
The smell of the crumbling life
And my mind is resting
in the licks of the desert
Starting its new mutation
into something sublime
Evolve into another mind
Become what they were taught
Believe in every thought
Try to hold onto a last sprinkle of sand
But I am too broken apart
The tremors in my hands will not let me
Hold onto this sand
And I must let go
To become a different man

Golden Sun Predator

There is a past
I don’t want to relive
I don’t want to feel erratic,
and pasted through walls anymore
I’m becoming an elastic dream to climb through
Reinvented my idea of God
While instilled with a mix of sexual desire
and possessive energy
I’m about as trustworthy as a red eyed snake
I live the fire and feel like leather
My eyes are dark,
and they lay behind wooden and splintered
Then the winding wind
Unusual scars form
Bitten stars
They were bitten by the night
Angry night,
living like a predator

Always hungry,
Always ready to eat
Eat away a new star,
making it dark and unwanted
Then the awakening
Lay in the arms of the golden sun
Cradling your head
like a newborn baby
You don’t think about the lifeless anymore
There is a snow cloud
made just for you
To make you feel wanted and adored
Just like the beauty of the snow
But like snow,
you can be dangerous
You can cause mayhem,
with your slick moves
And your cold intoxicating eyes
Make that Golden Sun want you again
In your heart still lived that predator
That muddy serpent.

Wolfpack Contributor EIC Bios:  David L O’Nan & HilLesha O’Nan

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Our Fears in Tunnels: O'Nan, David L: 9781731120526: Amazon.com: Books

The Popping of Unique Fireworks

I must say
while sitting cross-legged in a water puddle
While the rain melts the last of the snowmen across the fence.
I said I must say that life was born for the generic folks.
Silent alarms echo around each pop
Limping as a lonely whisper across the sky
The clouds mutating into purity after hours of lusting cries
Help! says the blind
Stepping on stone after stone
Lead me to the grass, lead me to the mud,
lead me to the answer.
THE ANSWER, perhaps?
No, lay crooked like I,
Like a bent broken tulip - turned shy by the sun
The wind remains trivial
When will it turn, 
blow the dust by the unknown souls of old egos
The egos we let go?
Covered up with that old silence, that old dry crust
We used to melt in the soil,
When it was heavenly
When life was meant for the fresh, new, unique, watered,
protected, loved, coddled, dreamt
From the peak of the mountaintops, Pop, Shimmer, Burn!
From the flat fields laced in hay Pop, Shimmer, Burn!
In the eyes of our grandparents  Pop, Shimmer, Burn!
In the beating hearts of lost love Pop, Shimmer, Burn!
In the colliding clouds (Thunder's new word)
Caressing the night with the sounds of fireworks

one tear,
Pops, shimmers, burns.

Life as Innocent as Clouds

With life as innocent as clouds
Sometimes the girls,
they just become poems
They love, they fade away
They shy their eyes
They erase pain, 
They cause pain
They are more like fables or folklore
They are a prince, a frog, a soldier, a wreck
the word conceit, a pumpkin, a pig.

She met me as a man
She soon found out I was still a little boy
I was still arguing with past ghosts
I was still playing with toys
My laughter became like the sunshine
And my sadness became an eclipse.

What Happened to You?

What has happened to you?
Are you a hum to clank of an old rifle,
or are you just discovering the shine circling the bruise -
of rejection on an otherwise perfect apple?
Your sorrow is stuck in the core.
Your happiness is the healing touch of today's breeze.
Mirrors are inside the mind,
And harder to break than its imposters that starve the world -
of true beauty.


My stems are bones
Lies want to seal me up like an envelope
While giggling monsters erase your mind
They want it all to become gelatinous
Want to burn my ashes for them,
but I am solid
I'm not your born-again devil
No ice in the nocturnal blood
And I've got piercing shallow eyes
That a crowd of boredom will drown in
That is drunk with the fuel of the soul
But I still bruise
But my freedom will not be sliced
by the lies of weaklings.


What is blood milk?
Through my mind
Endless canal of confusion
I hear the race horses galloping...the cheering
breaking of the leg,
the amputation and the burial
Many different emotions
Like when I see her
her mind was sexy, the body was enticing
She had the skin...that flowed like milk
She was smooth
A calm breath over my mind
Not like the usual blood kisses
They tried to grab me
That control me
To choke me and bite me
Engulfing me with the poisons
However, she didn't want to taste the sweet
She liked the bitter sour juice of the entrapper
She reached for the bleeding
The bleeding were the geniuses
To touch their heart,
Made her life mean more.

The misshape of her flaws
Were what shaped her beauty
Her only cancer was her mind's eloquence. 

The Beautiful Swan

I have found thee
You will never run from that deeper feeling
Time is paused here
Refusing a setting sun
I will protect
for I feel the way -
you felt when you lost him.
That long rainy July day
He was the star that lit your bright eyes
Now that star is in mine
You have lost him,
but I have found you
Will my presence ever be healing?
Is the pain too deep to soothe?
When at night when you are crying, 
does a shadow dry your eyes?
I'm trying to connect with you
My spirit, my soul, my light
I am complete and burning for you
I will keep monsters in hiding
And bring you the dawn
Life flowing like rippled water and you
became the beautiful swan.

Wolfpack Contributor EIC Bios:  David L O’Nan & HilLesha O’Nan

Poetry by David L O’Nan from Our Fears in Tunnels: Black and White Photo, Kept on Going, Wearing the Black Mask, Silent Room Painting

Tree, Landscape, Nature, Fog
Black and White Photo

In that black and white photo, can you see it?
There is the girl, the family, the wholeness
But, there is also the wind
The photo says
"These were the better days"
The wind that is captured across shows the blowing in of a storm.
In the background,
There are the clouds
I imagine they are the shade of red rouge lipstick that she wore often
a heart stolen
So eerie is this photo,
I see a child in the clouds peeking out
A dog running towards a broken home
While the family just stands there smiling for an old camera.

Kept Going

As a youthful ant, believing love was real
I'd search and preach, sometimes i'd creep
From Earth, sands, heartache, one with the unnamed
With laughter, always knowing I had been used
I was stepped on, ripped apart, but kept on walking.

As a descending star
I'm falling, sinking, faint, into the grey
Bewitching breeze, bending wishful knees,
believing in the green
With tears, always knowing I had been used
Like overnight love.
Was left solo, alone, but kept shining.

As a boring Hybrid Tea Rose
Sometimes they'd glance, they have danced, drowning in the ideal romance
Never finding a home, shunned once we see the evening's eye
With a wilting pedal drying from the use
Never to be blackened, I kept my brightness.

As a cresting unbalanced river
I'd be rowed away, negated to be safe
Reserved for the rain
I could have easily flooded the plains
With a rippled cry, feeling useless
Never to be eroded,
I kept on flowing.

As a human feeling
I've learned my strengths,
Became tough through the adversity
I've learned to forgive,
Hoping to someday, myself be forgiven
Never to be corroded by fear.

Wearing the Black Mask

You wore your black mask to the synagogue
Your shoes were flat and tattered
The snow from an April sky ripped apart your psyche
You believed to be angelic,
You are nothing more than matter.
You, and your unknown wisdom,
created from the bones of evil.
A hungry man laughs at you, 
your breadcrumbs aren't fulfilling.
Your dirty feet stain the permanence of the avenue.
The black masks is not just your veil,
It is an identity you kept from having feelings.
You have only known the breath of an alcoholic sentient human.
What is there to celebrate?
Over the graves of what you think is heroic.
An evil eye, 
a carnivorous sun eats clouds like you as if you were grain

So, the bell tolls, and you clank your drum
Your tools are limp and rusting
Breaking apart much like your heart,
barely hanging in for a showcasing
Severance has been initialized from what you are -
Away from your infancy beginning
As a baby you couldn't smile,
As a child you couldn't love,
As a growing machine you couldn't bend metal -
with your muscular heart,
A mind was only flakes.
As a man you're sour.
As a man you're a crowing alarm trying to wake you out of fantasy.

You have the black masks in hand as you cuddle yourself,
like a lonely cockroach
In a sanctuary dedicated to your foiled prayer.
You couldn't believe like you had needed to
You couldn't feel the hand of God on your shoulder.
You could only feed off the dreams of pandemonium.
So the sewage shower floods over your masking
Your masks...are a soiled mat.
Driven over by the tanks,
by the heavy feet of giants swaying over your body of sand.

It is nice to be a night-walk for lovers who know how to love.
Holding hands in starlight while moonlight hugs the thunder of guns
Artillery becomes your beacon.
A smile becomes your trap.
Mud prints imprinted into caverns.
The Davids have escaped Goliath's claws.
Black masks burning in volcanic villages of nightmares, falsely shaped.

So, all the children can be
So, all the humanity can breathe
So, all that is catastrophic can be free
So, all that is shallow can evade the slimy deep
The black masks are fast asleep.

Silent Room Painting

Oh, painting on the wall... like the devil
burning victims with a smile
room still silent,
never minding the tears are loud
I'm cruising by,
mind playing energetic
floating like a missile across the veins
echo, echo, vibrate, nothing
Cold glue stuck upon the heart...your shoe
Walking lightly,
Then stomping,
seal it tight
No one is new, 
no mind is new
It has been used by many younger, much braver
Whispered wiser
Painting on the wall...so greedy
Clapping together colours that are clashing
Beaming eyes living for my ashes
Claws digging inside my soul,
scooping out the clarity.

Wolfpack Contributor EIC Bios:  David L O’Nan & HilLesha O’Nan
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