Poem by Ojo Victoria Ilemobayo : Happenstance


Life teaches this paves is something,
It's all crystal.

Spread over its texture,
A man is not made in the morning.
Black blister barks
 at his backs. In the night his hairs
is turned white with the coverage of the moon. He hears the buzzing of the mosquitoes and 
he heaves a sight for his tomorrow is ere.

Bio: Ojo Victoria Ilemobayo  is a Sickle Cell Warrior, Poet, Student, Video Editor, Stickers Creator, Literary Contest Linker, Smile Therapist and a Guitarist-to-be.

Some of her works are in WSA, WHI anthology, Firebrand magazine, sledgehammer, Nnoko, GEMP, Prawns paper, Mixed mag, Agape review, Mad swirl,The Beautiful Mind, Enceladus Magazine,The New Man Gospel Movement Fringe Poetry Magazine and somewhere else.