6 Micropoems from “Cajoncito: Poems on Love, Loss, y Otras Locuras” by Elizabeth M Castillo


Author bio: Elizabeth M Castillo is a British-Mauritian poet, writer, indie-press promoter. She lives in Paris with her family and two cats, where she writes a variety of different things under a variety of pen names. In her writing Elizabeth explores the different countries and cultures she grew up with, as well as themes of race & ethnicity, motherhood, womanhood, language, love, loss and grief, and a touch of magical realism. Her writing has been featured in publications in the UK, US, Australia, Mexico and the Middle East. She also host the indie author interview series EMC 6 things and EMC Writer of the Month on her website. Her bilingual, debut collection “Cajoncito: Poems on Love, Loss, y Otras Locuras” is for sale from her website and on amazon. You can connect with her on Twitter and IG at @EMCWritesPoetry.

I am running out of languages to grieve in.
Someone hand me the Portuguese-
time for saudades.

One Thing

If you want me to leave,
then here I go.
I will retire to my kingdom
of poetry and bell peppers.
One thing I have learnt from this:
I am not Queen in every quarter.

A Song is just a song

Though it be the only one of its kind.
At the end of all things,
a day is just a day is just a day.

Idiot flower

Ten-year-old roots,
ten-day blossoms.
Fool of a flower,
Florecita Idiota.

I am the tree

I am the tree that grows where there is no ground,
the song that is sung without making a sound,
that which was lost, but was there all the time,
these words, unspoken, left here struggling to rhyme,
the bruise in your pride, and this great mistake I've made,
and every single part of me that's ever been afraid.


I was not gifted with your discipline,
or your restraint.
             My heart,
                            it is the voracious French revolution.
             My heart,
                           it is the sunbaked Mauritian shore.
             My heart,
                           it is the raging Congo river.
My heart,
               it is a bison, 
               an elephant.
               Stubborn, headstrong.

              It never forgets.

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Ahead of time

crest shaped eyes, 
curious sate.
her beaming soul escapes;
like a 
total eclipse.

Absence Protects the Heart

if i don't see 
your beauty,
from the inside first;
then there is 
no beauty
to ever,                                        
be seen. 

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