A Poetry Showcase from Chuck Harp

Bio: Chuck is a writer and winner of the Mad Cave Studios 2020 Talent Hunt. In 2021 he participated in Grimm Tales from the Cave anthology from Mad Cave Studios. Chuck released two works of fiction and his fourth poetry collection, People Watching, was released by Alien Buddha Press.

Bets Against Myself

Is it time to rise,
or push off the day
and gamble with my time?

Is that piss
I’m standing in,
or someone’s sick?

Is it easier to find a new job
when you already have one,
or when your stomach rumbles?

Is it worse to jaywalk
in front of a firetruck,
or an ambulance?

Is it eleven-eleven,
or happy hour,
the magic number?

Is the chunks missing
from my paycheck each week
worth that healthcare coverage?

Is the bum under the sheet,
lying on the sidewalk,
sleeping or deceased?

Is it the paycheck
that drives an artist
or is it deeper than pockets?

Is it worth staying awake,
rejecting the need to sleep
to write this poem?

bruised by my own ego,
stuck between my white walls
as the future before me,
like my checking account,
fed up
lapping this same old road,
the drive
just driving me crazy
and not
to the ancient end goal.

Last Order Lens

An illumination from my monitor
shed light on the static truth
behind the lies of reality T.V.

There was no entertainment
or sense of comradery
with the animals caged in cable.

This was strictly medicine
for those sick of themselves
needing justification to their character.

Witnessing womanizing and destruction
shaking their heads and whispering
under their breath, ‘Jesus Christ.’

To have a vice in the late hour
when others have passed out
and you’re afraid to sit alone.

Vying for the pauses those people
receive between their problems
so they too can catch a break.