The Crossroads by Liam Flanagan

x sign near pine trees covered with snow

photo from Unsplash

The Crossroads

Standing at a crossroads
No sign posts in sight
Do I turn left or right?
In danger of getting lost in 
the middle of the night
Dark clouds loom on the horizon
Gathering in the northern skies
Halting progress forward
The distance from home can be measured in miles
I take a look over my shoulder
Gazing back over the journey
I’ve been on
There is no going back now
The time to go backwards 
is gone

Age by Liam Flanagan

Pandemic poetry by Liam Flanagan : Say the Word & Vicious Circle

Age by Liam Flanagan

macro photography of brown plank

Photo from Unsplash.


Casting the mind backwards
To teenage years
An obsession with The Cure
And a girl called Mairead
I wonder where she is now?
Playing football until the light went out at the end of the day
Turned eighteen and celebrated being able to have a pint
Maybe too much but the crack was mighty with the lads 
Lassies everywhere excitement of newness and anticipation tangible in the air
Turning twenty made very little difference 
A taste for life had been discovered and developed 
As the years go by you realise how special those days were
Times of friendship and romance
Where there was always enough music in the night for one more dance