A poem by Julie Brooks : Stuck and Alone/Lost

woman standing

Stuck and Alone/Lost

Being lost in a whirlwind of chaos
Your mind takes you away
Away from reality , stability
A place you called home
I disappear not to feel the fear
I am just somewhere but not here
Its like a switch on and off
I have mastered the gift
Or is it a curse
Just close your eyes
You are invisible
Takes you away safe to roam
Not insecure
Or crying inside
This is my home
Why should I hide .
I want perfection
I want the love I crave
Just to be in your arms
So I don’t have to disappear
Sick of my tears
I cradled myself
Yet I still run and close my eyes
Afraid to stand still
I don’t want anymore goodbye’s
Devastation in the rubble
I am so much on the outside
Just watching … in my bubble !