Poetry from Katrina Kaye aka Iron & Sulfur

After the Wedding

Gardenia petals
tossed off the balcony,
only to be crushed
under the heels of black boots.

One more opportunity
to show the difference
between white and ruin,
and yet when the bomb drops
we find ourselves
creeping toward windows
in hopes of a better view
to ease the curiosity
panting on our tongues.

My body is not
so svelte to allow such
proposals to go unnoticed.
I still feel every
convulsion in my head
sulking into my heart
bruised with dreams of
falling teeth and baby’s breath.

I am not hungry anymore,
nor do I crave the sugar
I used to savor.

I am curled into myself
but feel no anger or madness,
just the repeated pitter patter
of the drops from window;
a constant reminder
that on this side of the world
mold consumes in darkness.


I am dripping,
bent over shell and broken back.

A flutter of promises,

hopes I was never given but
manifested in my spine just the same,

emerge and take shape.

I am told what I have formed

is somehow
good enough.

It is not
good enough.

I desire the simplicity;
I want so much less
than what I have become.

I never asked for these wings.


I told him
we wouldn’t fizzle;

we wouldn’t fade or
fall apart in the
expansion of the silence
of empty space.
There was too much passion,
too little self control.

I remember the way
your body shook.
I watched how you
held your arm
to your side as through
trying to confine

I knew when the end
came we would explode.

I wasn’t wrong.

Wolfpack Contributor: Katrina Kaye

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Wolfpack Contributor: Katrina Kaye

Katrina Kaye is a writer and educator seeking an audience for her ever-growing surplus of poetic meanderings. She hoards her previous published writings, links to publications, and additional information on her website: ironandsulfur.com. She is grateful to anyone who reads her work and in awe of those willing to share it.

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