PJ Harvey inspired poem by Pam Avoledo : The Princess and the Swordfish

The Princess and the Swordfish

Mother, I’m dancing on a winding staircase in a castle underwater. It’s been my home ever since
 you left me here. A swordfish nudged awake and let me ride on his back. Hold on, dear child, he
 said to me as I gripped his fins, I’ll take you to your home. 

The castles were reserved for the princesses wandering in the sea, he said to me as we passed
 by a row of them. A blonde-haired girl waved at me as she stood on the balcony.The swordfish
slid onto a moat and said this one is yours. I climbed the pillars every day, wanting to tell you
 about the kingdom I found. They pricked my fingers but I did not cry, mama. I was brave. I was

Bio:  In 2006, I graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelor's degree in journalism. Currently, Pam runs the blog, I Want My Pop Culture. My work has been published in the White Wall Review, 45 Magazine, Sledgehammer Lit, Greatest City Collective, and forthcoming in Daily Drunk Mag's Kristofia anthology. 

Twitter: @iwantmypopcult
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