re-post Poetry: The Reflecting Mind by Hillary Behsharam from FOTM Poetry & Art Digest Issue 1

The Reflecting Mind


You will know it

by the black smoke

and the fires I 

keep burning 

day and night.

Creation comes- 

in a tempestuous wave

an explosion of words

a book of images from

a tale yet to be told.

It is the business of every moment

to learn

which fuel burns hottest,

with the brightest flames for

highlighting phantoms

in the stardust.

“I am a poet from Chicago, and I am perpetually revising myself. I am in love with the stars and hope to have the chance to visit them someday. I have been writing poetry since high school, but until now I’ve focused more on developing myself, my influences, and my store of words than on publishing. I am continually working to develop a community of fellow lovers of writing and poetry on my twitter and Patreon. Join me!”

Twitter: @Behsharam

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