Poetry: Spring Revived by Helen Openshaw

Spring Revived

Naked in their Winter bravery,
The trees await the coming cloak of Spring.
Deep sighs of the long cold months
 Exhale as the air shifts and I breathe again.

A green so transparent I see myself through 
The splashes of early morning, 
And accept the strength I need.

The charcoal smudged sky
Highlights the greens as they bubble 
and spill like a refreshing drink - 
I quench my thirst. 

Bio: Helen Openshaw is a Drama and English teacher, from Cumbria, England. She enjoys writing poetry and plays and inspiring her students to write. Words in Green Ink Poetry magazine, Words and Whispers magazine, The Madrigal, Fragmented Voices, Forge Zine, Roi Faineant Press and The Dirigible Balloon magazine.

Twitter = @pocket_rhyme