Tanka/Haiku style poetry showcase from Samuel Stathman

brown and black wooden guitar and black leather bag

photo from Unsplash (Europeana)


cartographer’s bone
picked with the equestrian
stampeding ensued
bicoastal defamation
rewrite historical maps


in dull recesses
find the neon imago
mother’s milk to drink
reawaken unified
not god but cultured creature


small wind instruments
tickling the widow’s ear
heady blandishments


sky’s furrowed tendrils
lightening revives the dragon
exhumes vile bones
goliaths of an old tribe
discarded relics


black air raising hairs
prickling the needle neck
red limbless ocean
eels traversing coastlines
Persephone on lookout


rending of the sea
ghosts preying on destruction
aligned with their posts
islanders abandoning ships
swashbuckler’s bad omen


grandiose ghazal
sultry arabian night
fiddler’s heaven
dripping wax overexcites
opium cloud dynasty


meditative snowfall
unconscionable tension
cathartic release
noon hour crowds dissipating
solace behind coloured glass


thrush’s old singsong
head north before nerves kick in

plows in the distance
prizeworthy lineation
stones heaving in the mud


galvanized breezeway
intimate pyrotechnics
bubbles among stars


nightmarish dungeon
somnambulist skeletons
mourn finality
last rites for fallen angels
black flower necropolis


ashram for your thoughts
yellow moths grow from tall grass
mood can be anchor
draw an ocean with a glance
smell the brine off flying fish 


winged ritual
birds scaling belltowers
wind breaking current
gleam of passing vehicles
splitting the time barrier


vermillion sluice
zombie rats lining spillways
deadbolted prey
eyeless momento mori
hail the bony chimera


memorial park
widows placing spring flowers
dewy bloodshot eyes
groundskeeper whistling tunes
keys jangling on their ring

Bio: Samuel Strathman is a poet, author, visual artist, and educator.  He was also the editor-in-chief of Floodlight Editions.  Some of his poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Cobra Milk, I-70 Review, Prole, and other magazines and journals.  His debut poetry collection, "Omnishambles" is forthcoming with Ice Floe Press (2022).

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Poetry by Samuel Strathman from Fevers of the Mind Anthologies

Several Haiku by Stephen Page

                                              willows droop
							with humid afternoon--
							the cicada drone

the gardener’s straw hat
		lifting and falling
		over the lilies      
							white-haired couple
							hold hands upon a bench--
							oak-leaf cluster at their feet      

breeze off the river--
		in my hand
		a piece of sun-warmed wood

                                                        brown squirrel
							saunters by with an acorn--
							a river horn blows      

cool breeze--
the cicadas rasp softly
		then stop

                                                        first of september--
							sparrows gathering
							on a wire fence

entering the park
a few days after the storm--
smell the drying leaves!      

                                                         cool today--
								monarchs gathering
								in the heather garden

indian summer--
		daises bobbing
with flies and honeybees      

                                                      strolling at sunrise--
								ginkgo leaves
								edged in yellow

on top of

							twin boys in blue windbreakers
							walk clattering a picket fence--
							sticks in different hands

laughing child 
	covered with leaves
		leaps back in the pile      

                                                    wandering the woods--
									beyond an old fence
								a field of pumpkins

hallow day--
the orange carnations

                                                        brushing snow
							from a gravestone:
							“a tree for paul tine”      

		pattering my coat shoulders

                                                        woman in purple shirt
								pointing out tulips--
							children clinging to her legs
white sunrise--
under the oaks
the still dandelions

When Stephen Page is not writing, reading, spending time with his spouse, communing with nature, or walking his dog, he is making noise with his electric bass. He loves accidentally on purpose losing his cell phone and dog-earing pages in books. He is part Apache, part Shawnee, part Mexican, part English, part Scottish, and part Irish. He graduated from Columbia U (magna cum laude & writing honors) and Bennington College. He has 4 books of poems, dozens of short stories, countless poems, essays, and literary criticisms published. He is the recipient of The Jess Cloud Memorial Prize for Poetry, a Writer-in-Residence from the Montana Artists Refuge, a Full Fellowship from the Vermont Studio Center, an Imagination Grant from Cleveland State University, a First Place Prize in Poetry from Bravura Magazine, and an Arvon Foundation Ltd. Grant.

Stephen Page 
E:  smpagesm@yahoo.com
Website: https://smpages.wordpress.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/steven.hawk.page
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SmpageSteve
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/smpagemoria/

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