Poem: Chaos of My Heart by K.G. Munro

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Chaos of My Heart

A fiery light of chaos exists in my heart,
each red and orange resembling a tequila sunrise,
as warm as the lips of one lover on another,
like the constellations, I will burn forever.

Never slowing down now, do you understand?
These scars on my body, the marks of adventures from my past,
My soul craves to go further, to carve myself into the golden sand of tomorrow.

People look at me as if I am different, I've come to accept this,
Why be anything less than a legend,
Stories never fade, books are leathery portals of eternity,
Where you can do or be anything. 

So, let me be creative, passionate and perhaps crazy,
Like an azure tide that never touches a beach
Wait until I return from the sea before you love me. 

Bio: I am an author and poet. I have been published by Agape Review, Poetry Potion, Love Poetry amongst many others.  I also have a poetry book collection coming out in the summer called "Birds Of My Garden." 

Feel free to read my works on here: https://www.poetrypotion.com/?s=K.G.+Munro