The Helix Nebula by David L O’Nan (from New Disease Streets)

The Helix Nebula
We were magnetized to the Helix Nebula,
As the sadness drank us in the waves
On our endless walk down Mulberry Street
Where I’d learned of your stoning,
Where I trusted you with your magic
Under the poetry of the slick moon –
Washed over the river
For a moment it was beautiful again
Ridden itself of overheated catfish vapors,
And you were beautiful,
Although destroyed
All that I could help you with was blind ignorance –
Of what love was.
And I can bash away at the lullabies that would haunt us –
And crawl through our skin.
Tripping over the biting mosquitoes,
As I learned you would depart back
And new suicides would breathe in each of my heartbeats.
The tears of all the galaxies bled out majestically with colours –
I never imagined before
I traced the lines of my own hand
Hoping to find the constellation in
Which the lines of your hands lay

Photo by Bryan Goff (unpslash)