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Poetry Only editions of Fevers of the Mind Presents the Poets of 2020

Poetry Only edition of Fevers of the Mind Poetry & Art Digest Vol 1 June 2019

Poetry Only editions of Fevers of the Mind Poetry Digest Vol 2 & 3

Poetry Only edition of Fevers of the Mind 5 Overcome

Poetry only revision of David L O’Nan’s “The Famous Poetry Outlaws are Painting Walls and Whispers”

Poetry Only revision of the Cartoon Diaries, New Disease Streets, Our Fears in Tunnels, Taking Pictures in the Dark

Anthology edition of Paul Brookes of Wombwell Rainbow’s Sonnets of 2021, Lost Reflections micro poems of David L O’Nan, poems of HilLesha O’Nan & more.

Fevers 6: A New Anthology of Poetry Showcases and other poetry published in 2021 on Fevers of the Mind Website

Before I Turn Into Gold: A 2nd edition and revision of some works from Avalanches in Poetry: Writings & Art Inspired by Leonard Cohen included some artwork from Geoffrey Wren.

Hopefully an anthology in May for poems inspired by Bob Dylan

Hopefully an anthology of heroes of African American/black culture.

If either of the last 2 lack in submissions they will be included in the year within another Fevers of the Mind Anthology.

Also, looking to get “Before the Bridges Fell”by David L O’Nan looked at as a possible non-Fevers of the Mind Press book for publication.

Also, writing new stuff all the time.

Hope to get several other anthologies curated and put together by year’s end.


Poem from Colin James : Nourishment Under Urban Sea Levels (from Fevers of the Mind Anthology 2019)

Waters, A Bird'S Eye View, City, River

Nourishment Under Urban Sea Levels

The euphemism, 
"Healthy set of lungs"
    had me gasping for rectitude
    Once my pulse normalized
     I searched for the protagonist
     slightly sidetracked by the bloody compass
     of my magnifying glass
     Any drunk is liable to offer
     his opinion when climbing
     the towers of narcissism
     Up yours, grandeur!
     Selflessness is the most obstinate
      of the modern conveniences.

Bio from 2019:
Colin James has a book of poems, Resisting Probability from Sagging Meniscus Press. He lives in Massachusetts.
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