5 Modern English Haiku and Senryu from Lori A Minor

Lori A Minor (she/they) is a queer, neurodivergent, poet and activist. Recipient of more than 15 haikai awards, they are proud to be included in A New Resonance 12 and to have given presentations at Haiku North America (2019, 2021). Lori’s sixth book, Hot Girl Haiku, is now available.

Lori A Minor (she/they) @loriminorhaiku

#FemkuMag,editor ubu., editor Otoroshi Journal, co-editor Moth Orchid Press, publisher


wild aster. . .
my first kiss
with a girl


he doesn’t let me
get a word in


all the ways
I could have loved you


blind date
I can’t stomach
his misogyny


confusing a glowworm
for a maggot. . . 
body dysmorphia