A Poetry Showcase for Ellysa Greenhalgh


He sat down & looked around, so much has changed 
The grass was green, not as much as it used to be
He looked towards the rotunda & imaged a band playing 
He could see his Grace dancing with him in front, he looked down, wringing his hands 
For a moment he forgot, he put his hand out to hold hers
Empty air was all he found, he hung his head, closed his eyes
She was standing, his Grace just by the rotunda 
Waiting for him, in a beautiful dress, her hair done perfectly 
He stopped & stared for a minute, then summoned his courage 
He walked out, waved to the band, his heart in his throat 
The band stopped, Grace turned, a smile lit her face up
He stopped in front of her, in a very uncoordinated move, he knelt 
He presented her with three long stemmed red roses & one white 
A diamond ring sat in the white rose, she didn’t breathe, yes, yes, yes!!! 
She yelled, he cried, his Grace, he slowly stood, leaving the park as an old man.

My Own Beat

I am a very definition of a contradiction 
I am a giver, yet my sexuality is a sin
I am a provider, yet my girlfriend in my bed is a sin
I am a mother, yet no father to my daughter is a sin

No sins would be a boring life, fun needs to be had
I have found my eighth sin, oh I did, I am a sinner 
Eighth, the perfect number, infinite, in search of new roles
An intense ambiguity, a woman who walks to her own beat.

The Leaf Dance

I fell ever so slowly 
I was graceful & light
The wind blew, just enough 
Slowly I danced down
Landing every so lightly 
Every now & then
The wind returns
It picks me up
I dance once again.

Not Alone

Babe come with me, take my hand
I know the stress is deep, let it go
The reality is all too much, just be you
You are doing more then anyone expects
Let’s have some fun, kick up our feet 
It’s a warm night, rain is falling 
Let’s put on the tunes, out in the rain 
Let the water wash away some stress
It will be ok, Corona is cruel 
You care for the aged, give respect 
This hits you hard, too many sick
In the residence you work, leave it there 
Let’s be silly, let’s have fun, I want to see you smile 
Our daughter will be ok, negative on test
We are ok, it is not in us
Together we will get through this, family as one
Babe, everyone is vaccinated, I see your pain
We are not alone, world suffers together 
Play the tunes, in the rain, finally I see you smile.

Fan The Embers

You ain’t the same, your light is dimming

I know you don’t mean to, life just extinguishers your flame

All the stress, the constant slamming of demands on you

Time to kick it back, stop saying yes, stop being the pleaser

Your the number one, take yourself to the front of the queue

Tell others do not pass go, do not collect $200

Let’s grab some fine food, refuel your fire, fan the embers

Get some rest, turn off that phone, curl up in my arms

Be warm & snug, on the flip side you will return to you.


Black door, gold filigree 
Open heavy door, ice chills down spine
Enter slowly, all alone, lullaby is playing 
Walk forward, pain in feet, hot, too hot
Fall down, spine bending backwards 
Pain, scalding pain
Running through my veins 
Can’t see, can’t move, can’t think 
Nothing, black out
Voice, unknown 
Open eyes, can’t focus 
Blink, Focus
Look down, hands, not mine
Move hands, they move
Gold filigree tattoos, claws
Close eyes, breathe 
Nose, smells overpowering 
Open mouth, tongue senses vibration 
Open eyes, look at body
Skin peeling, gold scales appearing 
Heart beat rapid, breathing shallow 
Panicking, body shaking 
Woman’s voice in my ear
‘Welcome to the Gilded, welcome to life as a Naga’
Naga, myth, no, not real
‘My dear, we are real, no myth. Just a sting, small needle’
Blurry, tired, oh so tired
Close eyes.

Love Eternal

She kissed her goodnight, a light kiss on the cheek 
She knew this was forward, she needed her to know 
She loved her so, she felt the connection of their souls
She knew they could never be, she knew they would not be accepted 
Both their fathers had chosen their husbands & this was the way it would be
She pulled back from the kiss, she expected a slap
To her surprise she was pulled into a passionate embrace, her lips parted by another’s tongue 
She left full of joy & sorrow, she had found her love, a love that would be hidden 
For many years they met in secret, their love & devotion never waived 
As an elderly woman she lay in her bed, listening with despair as she was told her love had passed 
She fell asleep in misery never to wake up
She opened her eyes, she was young again, in front of her stood her love
In this world of spirits & ghosts they could be free to love each other
No limit on time, no hiding, they finally knew freedom 
The freedom to love for eternity.

Bio: Ellysa is from the outskirts of Melbourne, living in the hills amongst the gum trees. Ellysa has been writing since she was young girl as a way to help calm her emotions & thoughts, it has since turned into a passion.

Ellysa’s father introduced her to Edgar Alan Poe, she instantly loved his poetry, all though she does not write like him, she finds his works inspiring.

Ellysa writes poetry in her own way, breathing a fresh breath of air, to take the reader on a journey. Ellysa loves to write descriptively, to bring the reader in, so they too experience what she is writing.

Ellysa has been published 8 times in the last 12 months. Ellysa was late to submitting & only started to submit her work in January 2021. 

Ellysa kept her writing private, only showing her parents if asked, her father passed away in January 2021, he had always pushed her to take her writing further. Ellysa decided it was now or never, & still finds it hard to believe people can relate or enjoy her writing.

Ellysa has a 10 year old daughter, she lives with her girlfriend, she has a wife, however her wife suffered a severe Acquired Brain Injury in January 2018. Now living in care, Ellysa & their daughter Jemima visit her regularly.