Poetry by Elizabeth Cusack inspired by the Dirty Three

Hemerocalle, Flower, Nature, Garden

photo from pixabay.

Inspired by Some Summer’s They Drop Like Flies by the Dirty Three

She strolled into the room 
There was nothing I could do
I handed her a glass
She placed it on the mat
And lifted up her veil

I wanted
I wanted
I wanted to say
I wanted her to stay

She smiled and looked away
The band begin to play
She wrapped her veil across my face
Kissed my lips
Then walked away

The castanets began to play

Beside the stage
Her arms held high
She flashed her million dollar smile
All eyes on her
The drummer announced her name

I wanted
I wanted
I wanted to stay
I wanted to watch her sway

Poem by Elizabeth Cusack for Before I Turn Into Gold Day

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Poem by Elizabeth Cusack for Before I Turn Into Gold Day

Who exactly does not love you

Who exactly takes the fall
Do you give a fuck at all
Your silence is golden
I follow it closely
Who is it among you
Who answers the call
I know it’s old fashioned
I care not at all
Who is it among you
That garnishes the fall
And now that it’s over
Are you happy, are you glad
I could not keep it up
I’m sorry I’m not sad
You want a sob sister
I’m not up for it now
Give me a bar room
Or give me a brawl
Being a player is nothing at all
So you play me and I’ll play you
How does it feel to be no one’s fool
Do you draw your cards now
From the bottom of the deck
How do you feel when they bite your neck
What do you think is waiting for you
You killed off the old ones
They’re easy to lose
You kissed the new order
They’re easy for you
All your false modesty won’t pay the rent
So you kill them off slowly then wonder
Where your money was spent
It’s been long
It’s been painful
You just want to have fun
You’ll be the happiest two people
When you are one.

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