Poetry: Post Conversation Analysis With My Inner Voice by Eoin Cahill

Phone, Call Up, Make A Phone Call

Image from Pixabay.

Post conversation analysis with my inner voice

          Well, that was a disaster.

I didn’t think it was so bad.

         Did you not hear yourself?
        You sounded half-mad.
       Rambling and mumbling, 
       stumbling over words.

Well it was difficult to hear
with you talking over her,
with your helpful advice like
"why did you say that?"

       I was just trying to stop you, 
      from looking like a complete twat.
     I failed, I’m afraid,
    but I'm working with scraps here.

Easy for you to say
hiding in there
passing your judgements
from that well-cushioned chair.
You’re not the one
with the hammering heart,
or sweat conquering all corners
of your pastel shirt,
with spit in your eye
and a shrivelling throat.
If you had your way
I'd be standing here mute.

     Well I may be the only
     one dealing in truth.
     I am here to provide
    dispassionate counsel,
    unsweetened morsels
    that may catch
    as you’re fed them.
    Rest assured though
   they will help you to grow
   up and stop you from
   making another show
   of yourself, as you did just now.

Bio: Eoin Cahill is based in Cork, Ireland. A husband and father of two boys. His work is published in Dreich Magazine. Find him on Twitter @eoinspoems