2 small poems by E.M. Foster


I am I,
And there is nothing less. 
In the distance, 
Mathematicians scream. 

Experiencing Metaphysical Reality on a Thursday Night

I once saw Aristotle 
Ascending the billowing folds
Of the cumulonimbus, 
Both draped in creamsicle orange
And pristine sulfur yellow,
Immersed in Southern sunshine,
But when I grabbed a ladder
And set it against the heavens
For him to get down safely
And maybe catch a bus,
He leaned down and asked
“But do you know why?”

Bio: E. M. Foster (also known as Emma Foster) is a writer and poet from Florida. Her work appears in Aurora Journal, Sledgehammer Lit, Antiheroin Chic, Your Daily Poem, and others. Her microchap Isosceles Triangles (2021) was published by Origami Poems Project. You can find more of her writing and other posts at https://fosteryourwriting.com/