Poetry by Abuh Monday Eneojo Another Flight & Solace


And then I walked into the background

To visit the lonesome age of the proud

To see them at sea

And hear their incessant plea.


They looked at me with disgust

But I, with plight

I could sense the sense of this marauding

Beast in a stance

But their dancing eyes swindled the glittering heart-dance


And then my inexorable rump spoke

Hey! Leave this yoke for another day

This beast of the nation to their talkless talk

And deliberate dive to death’s play



When a man sinks into the wells of life

He doesn’t know how to stop the strife

He must pry into the thoughts of his mind

Willing or not; it exhumes and he is blind

In his conundrum ways suffice

Coming in like water embracing the soil.

In aged age of aptness he smiles the mice

He malice the world as he takes a solitude coil.

Abuh Monday Eneojo is a poet, author, trumpeter, Voice over artist and an on air personality at a campus radio in Kogi State, Nigeria. He also is an ardent lover of nature whose work revolves around the nature of things. His first publication, The World Within, was published September, 2018. He also loves the acrostic form of poetry. You can contact him on Facebook @Abuh Monday Eneojo, Twitter@MondayDpoet and LinkedIn@Monday Abuh or via email: abuhmonday@gmail.com



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