Poem from Constance Bacchus : Memories from a party last 4th of July

memories from a party last 4th of July

grabbing the garden hose
spraying trees, the field 
the snowing, lying flat
where the sage burned
behind big wally’s sticks 
charred point to the sky 
gravestones protect  crust & spring & it’s easy to forget the sage is invasive when it reminds of wild &  brush it walking past & quail hide 
deer disguise their paths snake
pygmy rabbits rare seen 
will the hawk like it better when there is no shade they can afford
what flowers will decide to grow 
what ancient rocks discover &  
cure what fields &
fields lead to the lake

Bio: Constance Bacchus currently lives with her daughter in the Upper Grand Coulee of  Washington state. Her poetry can be found in various literary journals including Cirque Journal, Dreich Broad Review, Permafrost Magazine, Blue River Review and Outlook Springs. Ms. Bacchus has a new poetry book out called divorcing flowers (Alien Buddha Press, 2021) and another soon through Red Mare Press. Recently she won a prize from Yakima Coffeehouse Poets but doesn’t know what it is yet. And sometimes, she works at the library.