Re-published poems from Mela Blust – Poetry Showcase

All poems in this showcase were previously published in Rhythm N Bones Press & Dark Marrow Litmags


from the prison of skin;
a bitter pill.
unexpected bloodflowers
bursting the soil.

backwards/a time when we
wrested joy from the wind
now the knife,
a love-shaped gift.

you won't know

you won't know
when the ghost slips out of you
whether with a bang              or just a breath
a step forward                         or a leap
when the smoke clears
and you find yourself somewhere unknown

you won't know when you've changed
just enough to leave behind
pieces of yourself
crumbs to find your way home
when home shifts from comfortable
          to weary
you pack your things
and go quietly into the night
the compass points north but
              everything feels south

you won't know why the song
       your heart sings
sounds so faded
like the beat of a faraway drum

you'll follow the river to somewhere new
where you can lie your head on a different pillow;
count your breaths
and start again.

thin lines

think about what they take
yes, but
think about how you let them
this is how we are raised
a temple of loneliness praying to

think about what is gained
oh, but think about
what has been lost
if you are a dead butterfly in a jar
at least you were pretty enough
to collect

now, dream about what comes next
oh, now, but
don't dream too far
it is the thin lines that separate
what we were from
what we have become


taste the wretched honey of my sins
wrench the last breath from
the poverty of my lungs

how many times have i been on my knees
praying for the next delicious theft?

see these hands
built this shrine so that you could worship
a come-hither demon.

the lie we think of as love.

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Mela has been nominated a few times for Best of the Net and has appeared in numerous magazines such as Rust + Moth, Anti-Heroin Chic, South Florida Poetry Journal, Collective Unrest, Rhythm & Bones Lit, The Sierra Nevada Review.  Her debut collection Skeleton Parade

Another Bio: Mela Blust is a moonchild, and has always had an affinity for the darkness. She is a poet, a painter, a sculptor, and a jeweler. She has been writing poetry since she was a child. She currently resides on a small farm in rural Pennsylvania. Her work has appeared in The Bitter Oleander, The Sierra Nevada Review, The Nassau Review, and more. She is a contributing editor of Barren Magazine, and Head Publicist for Animal Heart Magazine.