Poetry from Alexander Poster inspired by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis’ album “Carnage”

Apollo One-Six by Alexander Poster

The stain of beetroot on my hands 
As I hammered the patrolman
Negative space
Remains unsanitized.
All astronauts have blue eyes.

The spaceman with the round moon face 
Proclaimed, demanded
One small step for a man
A proud man,
A gilded man,
An armored man,
A man in stack formation,
A man, rabid, foaming bullets inside the atrium,

He brought loaves and fishes and an amplifier 
And promised us dreams in still images only 
Of an unchanging
Topography like Mars.
A shining city on Olympus Mons. 
We prayed and tore our raiment 
At the moonlight of His visage. 
He will rise!
He will launch!
Because I gouged the patrolman 
Because we died for His sins.

But fruit when it sits
In its own juices
Tends to putrefy.
Out, damned spot!
These rancid, ruddy hands
Now reek with iniquity.
But still, they will stain any white flag that,
in weakness,
I may wave
Into the blackness of space.

Alexander Poster is a poet and fan of Nick Cave from Washington D.C. this song from the album “Carnage” strikes a chord with them due the Capital Insurrection even though the song pre-dates the event but feels in a way it predicted in a way.