Lack of updates update

Right as I was ready to start a huge project. The Bare Bones Writing Anthology series print anthologies. As well as keeping updates on here. Being a Father, Husband, Working a 40 hour a week job, and everything that encompasses. We have recently (the last month or two) have began being harassed, stalked, threatened, baited into near fights but outside domestic arguments by a neighbor across from us and friends with neighbors that lived above us. This all began just because my daughter and his daughter couldn’t get along. The father of his daughter has since tried to make our lives hell with constant intimidations towards my 10 year old daughter. Including stomping, calling her names, brandishing a butcher knife when we weren’t around and gesturing stabbing motions that my daughter saw. He stays out at all times of the night with his camera/videotaping us with his camera phone no matter what we are doing. He knows my family is mixed and feel that he is already a bully, but also a racist bully, but also psychotic. As we are trying to work through this please understand that some things may be delayed for awhile since my concentration isn’t fully here right now. I will update as I can, however the anthologies may be delayed a little longer.