Poetry by Arun Kapur

Yo ♥
You know something.
It’s gonna be alright, ya know?
The crooks at the top, try to bring us down.
What they don’t realise is that we are power.
The richest who get everything they desire , even they can’t escape a dance with the reaper.
Codebreaker like a enigma, but even this one will be tough to break.
Words they spew of support, a ”true” love, one they fake.
Darkest of times with their own true reveal.
Allow that love and light in, it will be the answer in our heal
Calling. They are calling.
The system shutting me down.
My smile always there despite a frown.
Silent setting amongst crowded scenes.
Sometimes I’ll try anything survival by any means.
Setting sail swiftly, yearning just to be heard.
The world keeps you trapped like a caged bird.
Some vibes appear true, but shelter their fake, some of us seek attention for false sake.
A hand I put, out for one to reach.
Take me away from this land of poison and leech.
4)If the angels try to take me, I shall let them set me free.
If my time here is up, I will sip my last cup.
If echos tell me no just stay, I will hand you my love to stay protected each day.
Don’t cry for me when I leave this place, as I know gave my all to finish the race.
Art, Photos, Poetry (c)Arun Kapur
Twitter: @Arunkapur47
Arun’s book available on Amazon (UK) The Blindside Memoirs by [Kapur, Arun]