2 poems by Sarika Jaswani /ArtInCrochet


Your cumulus
fell in drops of

each stone’s throw last night

I study every pebble soaked
in Fibonacci
shapes of cosmic union

My earth a tasseography
a read
of testament
of your love

Long after you’re gone

Dark White

in darkness

A white disquiet

taps her icy fingers
palming a chill to bones
rubbing a shiver on puckered skin

Warming to hum of generator
& a shoddy cup of soup

A plea
in mouthful mists
escapes each cold breath
I’ll worship tomorrow’s sun

Bio: Doctor by profession. I’m a Crochet Artist, Art Tutor Writer of Children’s Stories, Philanthropist. Poet. Published. Passionately reads & writes poetry. Art Lover. Bird lover. Dreamer and blogger.Published on ‘Tide Rises Tide Falls’ & on Medium with A Cornered Gurl @ACG @Scittura

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My poems run on theme of love, reflection and philosophy of life.

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