5 poems by Sarika Jaswani

flock of birds flying over body of water
photo by elcarito
1) Painting  

a retrograde painting
borne in colors

on sepia canvas
airbrush of prussian blues

each stoke a grind of chisel
red, green & yellow hues


fading in a vinyl weave
of gaping rusty holes

the one
s l o w l y
t u r n i n g

2) Portrait

Cyan skies perch on slopes of solitude
and soar over reflecting depths
of unquiet seas

city breathes through bustling underbelly
and deep within furry covers
lay grabbing talons of dark alleys

I'm a portrait -
of a clandestine painter's brush
stroked even on rough edges

3) Wonders

I live in wonder of

a heart wields
   billows of storms

sleepless night carries
     boatload of moans

dollar gold day oars
    through ruins of windy hours and stormy minutes

And yet...
Adrift this life
in absence of compass or stars

navigates to the shore

4) This Century

Here words turn to racket
and lights hurt with flashy hype

In them-
lie your absences

There my equestrian thoughts take a leap
where chiffon moons morph paper thin

I live, re-live
inked text on pages
where your face is in my palms

I'm the one-
born in wrong century

5) Mask

I forget to wear
my geisha face
blood and bone
my tenderness exposed

raw my tongue utters a stutter
when I place your name on the tip
I dare not hide behind my weeping palms

I bare wide open-bald sockets and gaping jaw

Scare away questions
that talk of your hurt and memories of your loss

A new poem by Sarika Jaswani (ArtinCrochet) “Silkworm”

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New poetry by Sarika Jaswani (artincrochet) : Since You’ve been gone…

Blue Silence by Sarika Jaswani

A new short poem by Sarika Jaswani

Untitled poem

Life a sartorial dress of tan, blue and green
breast bony breaths in laced corset cinched

A gala of joy and woe, foxtrot to rhythm
two beats slow and step, two counts quick

Spirited I roll in some such way as
tumbleweed reliably waltzing with the breeze

A Fevers of the Mind Quick-9 Interview with Sarika Jaswani (artincrochet)

Wolfpack Contributor: Sarika Jaswani

#stopthehate challenge poem by Sarika Jaswani

Stop, Racism, Banner, Protest
Stop the hate poem 

Below the lambent candor of periwinkle sky
Beneath redolent shades of sovereign sun
In a garden of remembrance lays a Martyr

Farther from littered complexities
Yonder of stinking grudges

Away from leaking old bottles of comparisons
Mildew and rotting timber of America's foundation

Off the beaten track
Floyd breathes beyond color of skin

Where grief ceases to be transient
And shuns mute palette of emotions

At the end of rainbow
where they each call out and
Say their names 
There rests a harbinger of hope and change.

Wolfpack Contributor: Sarika Jaswani

A Fevers of the Mind Quick-9 Interview with Sarika Jaswani (artincrochet)

Bio: Doctor by profession. I'm a Crochet Artist, Art Tutor Writer of Children's Stories, Philanthropist. Poet. Published. Passionately reads & writes poetry. Art Lover. Bird lover. Dreamer and blogger.Published on 'Tide Rises Tide Falls' & on Medium with A Cornered Gurl @ACG @Scittura 

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My poems run on theme of love, reflection and philosophy of life.

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New poetry by Sarika Jaswani (artincrochet) : Since You’ve been gone…

Since you’ve been gone…

I’m a tornado
  Of grief and thirst
Eye an anxious nimbus
  Mouth spinning, pining hole

Uprooted laughter
  Roofs of utterance blown
Reduced to rubble
  Remnants of regrets 

Sun comes as
  Wordless numbing calm

Time rushes back to past
Comes to stand     Still in the present now

Lapsed life
  Crawls forward without you

Rueful Days
Fitful nights
Guilty breaths

Ghosts of your memories
  Haunt the moments that
coerce to move on
Void of your absence
 Weighs heavy on heart to
carry on

Purple Chrysanthemum
 Petals of tears fall
On lane of reminiscence
 Where you walk

In turning hues of seasons
 In lascivious tremulation of
green lacewing
I sift arms of earth that rock
your last sleep
 I see your essence
   to unearth
  my reason for being

Since you've been gone

5 poems by Sarika Jaswani

A Fevers of the Mind Quick-9 Interview with Sarika Jaswani (artincrochet)

Blue Silence by Sarika Jaswani

Blue Silence

If blues could've been whitewashed with words..

I would've turned over extra breaths on years
to wipe clean the furrows that sit near my eyes

Uncrated the ocean that sits storming in my throat & salvaged vigor from calm piers

Yet....I suffer & let silence write my depths

Wolfpack Contributor: Sarika Jaswani 

A new poem by Sarika Jaswani  “Silkworm”

A Fevers of the Mind Quick-9 Interview with Sarika Jaswani (artincrochet)